6 Advantages of Setting up an Instagram Business Account

Instagram is perhaps one of the social channels that continue to gain popularity today. Most people use this platform to connect with friends, relatives, and co-workers.

Besides, some consumers utilize Instagram to seek referrals regarding products and services before buying for themselves. For that reason, many managers have decided to create Instagram profiles for their businesses.

If you are a business owner but feel undecided if you need an Instagram business account, here are some of the advantages of having your business visible on the platform:

1. Reach A Wide Audience Worldwide


Whether small or large, reaching a vast audience is one of the primary goals of any business organization. It’s the first step in generating more leads and sales. That’s why every business owner puts more effort into engaging with a broad audience.

Instagram is believed to have more than one billion active users. Therefore, building an Instagram account for your business exposes your products or services to many people worldwide. It’s one of the best approaches to reaching a vast target audience that goes beyond geographical constraints.

Despite the platform having many users, it may come as a challenge for business profiles to have and grow real followers. Keep in mind that it’s not just about having followers. Getting the right audience in your account is pertinent for better engagement and generating revenues. Luckily, there are many tools available to make this task easier. You can quickly look them up online or refer to business review sites such as TheSmallBusinessBlog to guide you in choosing the right tools and service providers to help you target the right audience and best suit the needs of your organization.

2. Get Analytic Insights


Today, marketing is all about data analytics. By analyzing data, you’ll know whether a specific strategy is working or not. That’s where the power of Instagram comes in.

Instagram comes with an in-built analytic tool. This enables you to measure the performance of your content.

Besides, Instagram analytics gives insight into your customers. You’ll know who they’re in terms of names, location, age, interests, etc. This allows you to create buyers’ personas, provide personalized services, and develop content that will generate higher user engagement.

3. Increase Sales


Maximizing sales is another primary goal of most businesses. Any firm will barely exist without making sales. Furthermore, business expansion is only made feasible through increased sales.

There are many strategies you could consider to boost your sales and revenues. One of them is developing and leveraging your business Instagram account.

A few years ago, Instagram came up with a feature that allows shoppers to make purchases inside the app. In other words, consumers can make orders for products or services using Instagram.

This adds to the app’s versatility such that your business can connect with your audience while providing a convenient and intuitive sales channel to support sales and revenue growth.

4. Add Business Contact Information


Thanks to modern technologies, customers can now shop from the comfort and convenience of their homes and have goods delivered to their doorsteps. However, some customers may prefer to come and pick up the products from your brick-and-mortar store.

Moreover, a customer may want to call you or send a message to make a quick inquiry before making purchases. Thus, you need to provide business contact information on your social media accounts and other online platforms.

Some online platforms don’t give you an option to display your business contact information. Lack of contact information may discourage customers from engaging with you. The good news is that you can show your business contact information with an Instagram account.

Instagram allows you to create a business bio of up to 150 characters. But if you’ve got a lot of contact information to share, you can create a link with your phone number, email address, physical location, etc. Contact information lets customers find you with ease.

5. Advertise Your Business


You’re likely to find many other firms in the market dealing with similar products or services to what you offer. Although this is good news for consumers because they can compare different brands before making purchases, it hurts business owners. Why? It leads to stiff competition.

One of the best ways to beat the market competition is advertising your business. You can achieve this by taking things on social media, specifically Instagram.

With an Instagram account, you can create and post online content to improve the visibility of your business. You can also promote your company through paid ads on Instagram. These paid ads are often customizable, depending on your budget and the target audience you want to reach.

6. Promote Customer Experience


Customers’ experience plays a critical role in the success of your business. It refers to the impression customers have when dealing with you or sales representatives in all stages of the buying journey.

Lack of or delayed response is one of the many things that could negatively impact customers’ experience. While you may adopt traditional ways, they may no longer suffice as most customers want quick answers. This is where Instagram comes into play.

Instagram accounts for businesses come with a feature known as quick replies. This can enable you to create automatic responses and is one of the best ways to ensure no customer’s question or concern goes unaddressed.

The quick replies feature helps kick-start and maintain positive brand interaction with your potential customers.

Factors To Consider When Selecting An Instagram Tool For Your Business


As you’ve seen in the previous section, there are many advantages to setting up an Instagram account for your business. However, you may not have enough knowledge or resources to maximize its benefits. Instagram growth tools are not hard to find. However, you may feel overwhelmed in choosing which is the right one.

You may want to consider these major factors when selecting an Instagram tool:


Social media marketing is a broad concept that utilizes different channels. Therefore, apart from an Instagram tool, you’ll likely have other applications on your business website. That’s why you need compatible software.

Compatibility is the ability of your new Instagram tool to function in harmony with already existing business applications. It can cost you a lot of money when choosing an incompatible application.


Are you looking to grow your firm into a giant in the future? If yes, consider finding a scalable Instagram tool from the beginning. This refers to the ability of the selected tool to grow with your business. In other words, it should be able to accommodate your business now when it has few customers and even when the number of users increases.

Finding scalable software is the best way to save money in the long run and ensure business continuity. You won’t be forced to replace your current tools to accommodate many users.

Ease Of Use

One of the reasons you would want to have an Instagram account for your business is to streamline your marketing efforts. Simplified processes allow you to utilize fewer resources and time to maximize returns. It, therefore, doesn’t make sense to choose complex Instagram software. Find an easy-to-use interface that your team can utilize, whether newbies or seasoned marketers.


Having an Instagram account for your business is the way to go if you want to increase your sales. It allows you to market your business to a large audience.

However, you must ensure you’re using the best tool and select the right service provider if you want to outsource the management of your account. Similar to your other sales and communications channels, your Instagram business profile must be managed well to support your overall goals and objectives.

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