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Rock Climbing Equipment List for Beginners – 2024 Guide

Climbing is an adventurous sport full of adrenaline and excitement. If you are interested in becoming a professional climber, you should try out will some easier obstacles, before trying to climb on some rock or unapproachable mountain. Also, you must have proper equipment which is necessary for your safety during the adventure.
The market is full of various equipment that you can use for climbing. However, you need to be sure about its quality, and the best way for that would be to search for some online reviews or ask some professional advice. There is plenty of equipment that is necessary for climbing. Here is a list of the most important equipment for rock climbing that every beginner should know.

Climbing Helmet

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You must wear a helmet when you are climbing on some rock because it could save your life in case you fell or prevent any damage if some rocks or other things fall on your head. The market is full of various climbing helmets, and you should check to see the reviews of some of the best helmets that are currently available on the market.

Chalk Bag and Chalk

Even if it is one of the cheapest items when it comes to climbing gear, chalk is one of the most important. The reason for that is that chalk will help you to hold on to any surface, even if your hands are wet. Most of the climbers are wearing chalk bags around their waists, but some are using buckets as well. On the other side, there are some producers of climbing pants, who are adding special pockets for chalk in their models.

Approach Shoes

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Wearing proper shoes is also very important for successful climbing over rocks. Good climbing shoes need to be light and capable of providing you with enough grid to not slide from any surface. Also, you should tight them as much as you can, so they could hold your feet in a good position. You should look for models that have rubber material and the metal piece over the toes that serves as protection.

Belay Device

If you are going to use ropes for climbing, do not forget the belay device. This piece is also very important, and it can be life-saving in case you fell off a cliff. The main use of a belay device is for people who are climbing in pairs, where each person is tightening the device and connecting it with the area around the rock to climb over it.

Climbing Backpack

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A regular backpack is not enough for all the gear you will have to wear with you, which means that you must buy this oversized climbing backpack, where you can store various equipment. You could store a tent, various gear, food, water, and many other things in a backpack with an average size of 50 liters.

Nuts and Nut Tool

The functions of nuts are similar to belay device, but the nuts are being used to attach on the rock and create a stopping place, in case that the rope disconnect. There are various sizes and materials, along with a wide range of prizes for this accessory. Also, people who are climbing in pairs must have this tool with them.

Follower Pack

Sometimes, the one big backpack is still not enough for you to carry everything you need, especially when you are going on some longer adventures, and trying to climb on some tall mountain. The follower backpack is the best solution for that, and you can wear it on the front or under the big one. You can use it to carry water, food, and other supplies.

Crash Pad

Besides having proper shoes, chalk, and other gear, beginners must have a crash pad during their first climbs outside. This accessory can save your life because even a fall from the smallest height could cause you some serious injuries. The market is full of various crash pads, and you should choose one according to your height and weight.

Climbing Harness

The climbing harness has many functions, and it is especially important for beginners since it will help you to keep your body in the right position and prevent you from felling or turning around on the rope. Also, it can help you to control your body, and use other equipment with increased efficiency, like belay device, nut tool, and more.

Climbing Rope

You should know that the rope is necessary even for the smallest obstacles. While it can protect you, you can use the rope for easier climbing when you are under the other parts of the group. Climbing ropes are long around 80 meters. Also, you should buy one with a proper resistance that will be easier to hold.


This device comes in various shapes and sizes, and it is necessary for climbing over high rocks and unapproachable terrains. This accessory provided the rope with the ability to run through the anchors. For people who are climbing over mountains, we recommend lighter quickdraws.


Cams are one of the most useful equipment when it comes to protection since they are much stronger than nuts. You can find all kinds of cams with various colors, shapes, and sizes on the market. In recent years, most of the climbers are using this as a main source of protection. Also, the cams will help you to navigate over rocks and easily pass over the hardest surfaces.

Alpine Draws

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While quickdraws are an excellent way of protection, there are some situations where you just need something longer to hold your rope, and that is the alpine draw. This accessory is resistant and excellent for climbing on harder parts of the mountain. This draw is made of two carabiners and a long sling.

Personal Anchor System

The personal anchor system is for additional security since it will help you to control your body while you are climbing in a much easier way than a belay device. This accessory is especially advised for beginners because it will provide you with much more security during the adventure.

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