5 Best Chairs for Hip Osteoarthritis in 2024

Hey positive arthritis means that you need to take special care of your posture and your body whenever you are sitting for longer durations. Lying down is not always an option and it is not healthy. Finding the right chair for sitting is very important for your hips. Everyone’s working routine is very different and they work at different office hours.

If your work is in front of a screen for multiple hours on end then you will have to sit in a chair. One way to ensure that this practice does not lead to any issues, one should find the right seat. In this article, we will mention some good options for individuals with hip osteoarthritis.

How a Seat Can Help?


There are significant limitations a person might face after getting diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis. Some of the most common functional limitations include reduced mobility and difficulty in climbing stairs. More serious cases can also show problems in walking or running.

So anyone with this condition needs to take care of the joint and may also need assistance with mundane tasks like getting out of a vehicle or wearing socks and shoes. It is important for the chair to provide adequate support to the weight so that sitting down and getting up is not too much of a burden.

The treatment for this condition includes exercising and adaptive equipment. There are some cases in which surgery is recommended for better mobility. Whatever the case may be, the individual will benefit from purchasing a chair which is specifically made for comfort.

Any kind of couch or chair at home should provide maximum comfort to an individual. So, even if you are picking dining chairs, it is important to find manufacturers like who have the expertise for making comfortable solutions. They are not only good for your hip but also for the back.

ErgoChair Pro and ErgoChair Pro +

Both of these chair options are from the brand Autonomous. Choosing an ergonomic chair is beneficial for your posture and overall health. One look at the design and you can easily detect that it was made for comfort. Both of these options have different designs that cater to the personal preference of different buyers. They are made for added comfort through a breathable backrest.

The first option has an exhaustible headrest and armrest with breakable foam in the seat. The second design does not have a head rest but it provides an adjustable armrest and back. Good lumbar support is a significant advantage of this option which can significantly reduce the hip pain at the end of the day. It will also help in relaxing even after longer durations.

Flash Furniture BT-7672


If anyone wants a chair which also allows for massaging and heating up, you cannot go wrong with this option. This is a chair which will be great for anyone irrespective of their health condition. This option may not be suitable for taller people but anyone with a shorter or average height will benefit from this purchase.

There are stationary massage heads along with comfortable padding. It is good for daily use for about 8 hours a day. It is better to not use it heavily to keep it in a good condition for a longer duration. The seat is made of bonded leather and has different ergonomic features with good lumbar support. There is also neck support and headrest with this seat so that one has a good posture and less pain at the end of the day.

The reason why this option is highly preferable for many users is because of the heat and massage feature. There are vibrating massage heads for added comfort whenever the user needs it. Whether one uses this chair in the office or at home they can activate the massage feature to reduce the discomfort after long hours of sitting.

Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair

A brand which specifically caters to office supplies takes care of the little details like comfort during long working hours. If you are seeking lumbar support along with convenience, then this alternative is the right one.

Taking care of the lower spine is very important to mitigate any pain in the hip joint. Adjustability is a great benefit with this purchase because the lumbar support can be adjusted according to personal preference. There will not be any pain experience with this chair because of higher adjustability and added comfort.

Ergohuman High Back


If you want an office chair which has good adjustability as well as an aesthetic design, you can go with the option. This product will allow for more customization so that any individual can feel comfortable during long office hours. You can easily add a cup holder or a support to hold the weight of a laptop.

It also comes with ergonomic features like a sculpted seat and lumbar support. There is also neck and back support for proper posture and facilitating relaxation. Adjustability extends from lumbar support to armrests. The seat can recline to 135 degrees and there are three adjustment options including 90 and 120 degrees as well. It is affordable than other options and works better with its lifetime warranty.

Mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair

This particular product has a design similar to a gaming chair. The design leads to more relaxation especially if you are sitting for multiple hours at a time. It comes with a head rest padded with form and an armrest. One drawback as compared to other products mentioned in the list is that the armrest is not adjustable. It is good for providing comfort to the lower back and giving relief to chronic hip pain.

The Takeaway

Sitting is an activity one cannot walk away from even with hip osteoarthritis. Because of reduced mobility one needs to take care of their joints and choose only the right chair for comfort and good health. Adjustability, affordability, and design are all important in choosing the right product.

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