Residential Moving FAQ in 2024

How do I make sure I am dealing with a trustworthy moving company?

Basically, there are two crucial factors you need to consider when looking for a reputable moving company. First is the quality of services they offer, and the other one is their experience in the industry.

Regardless if you’re moving within the city, to another state, or another country, it is critical to find a moving company that will make your life more comfortable throughout the process. Before you sign any contract with a company, it pays to verify their credentials and certifications to ensure you are dealing with the right people. You can ask people around, especially those who recently moved because they have used a moving service for sure. Ask for their opinion about the service of the company you’re looking to hire. Check the company’s website and see if they seem professional with how they manage their site. If you have the luxury of time, you can search for reviews online, so you can learn what other people have to say about the company.

You can trust a company like Relentless Moving and Storage, LLC which you can find at to assist you in every way possible to ensure you have a safe, fast, and efficient move. We have all the required credentials and more to prove our skills and experience in the job. Our company started a decade ago, and we still do our best to improve the quality of our work for our customer’s ultimate satisfaction. We don’t only help individuals or families, but businesses and other organizations as well.

Our previous customers can vouch for our service. We can provide you a list of references upon request. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be more than glad to help you have a stress and hassle-free move.

What are some helpful tips you can give me for my move?


The best advice we can offer you is to plan your move in advance carefully. The key to a smooth move is to plan ahead and to work with the best movers in town. The planning stage should begin as soon as you decide to relocate. Take these tips into consideration when planning your relocation:

  • Have an adequate number of high-quality packing supplies such as packing tape, boxes, and markers.
  • Make an inventory of all your items in each room before you begin to pack them.
  • Be sure to clean your valuables before you put them in boxes, especially for beddings and clothing.
  • It will save you a lot of time and resources if you don’t pack the things you no longer need. You can sell your items, donate them, or throw them if they are no longer useful.
  • Don’t forget to label the boxes. Take note of the contents of each box and to what room they will be placed in your new home.
  • Prepare a travel kit. This should include first aid, water, cellphones, games, and any other things that will make you comfortable during the entire trip to your new residence.
  • Pack an “essentials box” that you will use on your first night in your new home. This box should contain your change of clothes, toilet paper, toothbrush, soap, and other toiletries and personal care that you will immediately use on your first day of arrival.
  • Use a binder to keep all essential documents related to your move, including the contracts and receipts, quotes, and other financial and legal documents. Don’t forget to bring all school records, medical and dental records or referrals, and veterinary records on the day of your move.
  • Make a budget for your move that covers rentals, travel expenses, moving supplies, shipping large items, and new items for your new residence.
  • Be aware of your utility services and know when you’ll have to transfer them to your new house. You should cancel your previous accounts and subscriptions and set up new ones.

These are just simple planning tips, but there is absolutely more to it. Keep in mind that the earlier you plan your relocation, the better the result will be.

What services do you offer and how much do they cost?


The cost of your move will largely depend on the weight of your shipment and the number of services you use from our company. At the beginning of our transaction, we will immediately provide you with a written estimate, including all the necessary details of the job and the service option you want to hire.

We offer the following services:

  • A meeting with our moving coordinator to plan your move
  • The different moving packages we offer, including customized pricing
  • Full-Service packing, Fragile-Only Packing, or Self-Packing
  • Packing Supplies
  • Assembly or Disassembly or both
  • A wide selection of loading and unloading offerings
  • A wide range of storage options
  • A full spectrum of services for international moving to help you with your relocation to a new country.

How can I save on the cost of my move?


No matter how small or big your household is, whether you’re moving locally or to a different state or country, there is no doubt that moving is a costly undertaking. It can be expensive because of a number of factors, including travel expenses and the packing materials, but you want to make sure you are doing everything in order to ensure your valuables are intact and safe when you reach your new home.

While moving is costly, it doesn’t mean you need to be broke after. Certainly, there are ways for you to save on the cost of moving.

The rule of thumb is if you can do it by yourself, do it. Of course, we have complete moving options available for you, and they are all priced fairly. But, when you choose all of them, you can expect the cost of your relocation to go higher instantly. While the services we offer will alleviate you from the stress of the process, they will also free up your time, but if you are concerned with your budget, we recommend you do the following:

  • Pack all your items by yourself and leave the fragile and extra-large valuables to the moving company.
  • Buy your own packing materials from your own supplier.
  • If you can, assemble and disassemble your beds, swings sets, or entertainment appliances, on your own.

How should I pack my items to ensure their safety during the move?

To ensure the safety of your valuables, it is best to have them packed by professionals. A good moving company makes sure that the packing materials we use are of high-quality and brand new. Your glass, china, and crystal items are individually wrapped before we put them in a box. Your rugs and carpets are all rolled up while your furniture and appliances are padded for protection during transport. We also have shipping container options and small or large ocean shipments, depending on where you are relocating.

What is the best time to plan my move?


We understand that in most cases, you have no choice when it comes to the date of your move. There are a lot of instances in an individual’s life that can force him to relocate at the most inconvenient time. Whether you are 100% ready for your move or not, a professional mover will help you every step of the way.

If, luckily, you can pick a date of your move, consider these following tips:

  • Best months to move

It is ideal to move from November to December because moving companies have slower businesses at this time, and they can quickly handle your concern.

  • Best time of the month to move

Schedule your move in the middle of the month. Typically, the rates for moving service are lowest during this time because the busiest parts of the month would be at the start and the last days of the month. This is usually because, at these times, people’s leases have already ended.

  • Best days of the week to move

If you want to be accommodated right away, book your move on a weekday, except for Friday. Most people schedule their relocation on the weekend to avoid leaving work, and that explains why most moving companies are fully-booked on weekdays.

Other things to consider

Move-in the summer if you have kids. While it is more expensive to move during this time, it will allow your children to adjust to their new environment as they enter a new school come the fall season.

Move when the weather is good, especially if you live in a region with extreme weather situations. Weather can be very unpredictable; one day, the sun shines so brightly, the other clouds are dark. But, you should at least be familiar with the weather patterns in your area that will help you plan your move ahead.  The best season to move would always be fall and spring, no matter where you live.

Don’t schedule your move on a holiday because you don’t want to get stuck in traffic.

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