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Moving To London For A Job – 2024 Guide

London is England’s biggest business hub and the center of operations for every major company residing in England. To put it quite simply, London is huge and the job market is even bigger. So naturally, it would be the go job hunting.

Many Brits say that opportunities to work are endless in London. And if you’re moving there for a job, then these are the things to know before making the move.

1. Get a NIN

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A NIN is a National Insurance Number and is similar to the American Social Security Number. You require this number to legally work in London or anywhere in the UK. It takes about 2 weeks from the moment you apply to process it, and it’s advised to have it before your first paycheck. One thing though, your money will be taxed at a very high rate once you get it, but the upside is that you will be allowed to work legally.

2. Prepare for an Interview

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If you’re an EU resident, then the process of getting a NIN requires you to go for an interview to prove your eligibility to work in London or the UK.

However, there is another interview that you must prepare for, and that’s a job interview. This one doesn’t apply to you if you’ve already had a job waiting for you in the UK. But, if you’re moving to London or the UK in hopes of getting a job, then do know that every employer will require you to come for an interview before making the final decision. London is a huge place where you’re fighting with hundreds if not thousands of people for jobs.

3. The Job Market in London

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We mentioned that the job market in London is huge, with endless opportunities in every direction. However, that doesn’t mean that you will instantly find work. Namely, some jobs are easier to come by than others, so you should know what you’re going into.

For starters, you can get an entire overview of the demands of each industry if you click here.

The most required jobs in London, till this day, are:

  • Software engineers
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Automation engineers
  • Digital marketing managers
  • And Blockchain developers

Jobs in the tech industry are some of the most in-demand jobs, but that could soon change as there are predictions for the most in-demand jobs in the following 10 years.

  • Teaching
  • Sport therapy
  • Artisans
  • Tradespeople
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Engineers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Veterinarians
  • Salespeople
  • And creative roles such as writer, designers, and artists

4. How to Get a Job in London?

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The best way to get a job in London is to visit a recruitment agent, as most of the job market is covered by such agencies. This is mostly down to the fact that so many people reside in London and many more relocate for hopes of a better life. Recruitment agents and job agencies in London mostly do the work for companies who outsource their job-hunting needs.

Another great way to work in London is by freelancing. Nearly 4,8 million people are currently freelancing in England, that’s nearly 9% of the total population.

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