A Gamer’s Guide: 7 Reasons To Get the New Nintendo Switch

With the rise of technological society, a lot of stuff has emerged from the internet. Such as social media, different websites, blogs, and games. Online games have been on the rise ever since different game studios released them. One game genre that rose to popularity is online fantasy games.

These game types have built a household name for themselves and eventually grew a fan base. They then became the best cross-platform games because of high demand. You can now play these games on your smartphones, PlayStation Consoles, and the latest Nintendo Switch. And speaking of cross-platform games, you can visit CellularNews.com for more details. If you are thinking about purchasing one, continue reading this article to know why you should get the new Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch: The New Gaming Technology

The cool and new Nintendo Switch is a game console by Nintendo, released in 2017. It is a portable gaming device that allows you to play games anywhere. You will never have to worry about leaving your game hanging on the PlayStation at home.

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1. You Can Play Games Anytime, Anywhere

Since the Nintendo Switch is a portable game tablet. You can play games even outside the comfort of your home. This new technology allows people to fill their boredom while being idle outside.

People can play games while waiting for the bus, in line for errands, and even while waiting in the restaurant. It is also lightweight and fits almost any bag. The Nintendo Switch is a PlayStation console that you can bring to continue playing for more upgrades.

2. The Nintendo Switch Is Good for More than One Player

Nintendo said that you will not miss out on the PlayStation console experience. Because the Nintendo switch also has portable joysticks, you can play with a friend. Sometimes, friends are unable to visit one’s house, but they can meet outdoors and still bond together.

Fortunately, with the Nintendo Switch, friends can play all sorts of games that require teamwork, or even ones that can battle each other. Playing alone can become boring, so it is time to ask a friend out on a game date and share the Nintendo Switch game console.

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3. You Can Play a Wide Range of Games

Have you been a gamer for so many years now? Out of the many games you have played already, you would do anything to play the older games again, right? You do not have to worry about that because the Nintendo switch will allow you to play a wide range of games. From the nostalgic ones to the latest games.

The PlayStation Console that is set up at home usually caters to the newer games. That is why it is in CD form. The Nintendo Switch allows you to purchase old games that are in a chip card form. Looking back and playing the old games will make you reminisce about the good old days or remember childhood playmates.

4. The Nintendo Switch Is Slightly More Affordable than Other Gaming Consoles

Since a Nintendo Switch is more compact and has fewer materials than the PlayStation console, it is slightly more affordable. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider getting this.

If the latest PlayStation or PS5 costs almost $500, the Nintendo Switch only costs about $350. It is so cool how you can save up to $150, and you will just be playing through a portable gadget with the same games. The Nintendo Switch can also be the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones who love gaming but could afford the bigger consoles.

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5. Owning a Nintendo Switch Saves a Lot of Space

Having a big game console will require you to have a space set up in your house. Purchasing a PlayStation will force your family to move things around to create space for the console, but with the Nintendo Switch, nothing in your house has to be changed.

This portable gadget will allow you to save some house space. It is also perfect for gamers living in small apartments or condominiums. Gamers will not have to worry about setting up the PlayStation. They just have to press the power button to start playing.

6. No More Regional Blocking

When the Nintendo Switch does not exist yet. Not all countries were able to play games that other countries play, especially between the Asian countries and America. It is a good thing that the Nintendo switch came to the rescue because Nintendo took down the geographical restrictions, and gamers may have access to games no matter where they are.

This is also good news to gamers who have friends and loved ones from far away. They will get the chance to compete with them in battle games and work with them during strategic games.

7. The Nintendo Switch Has Good Reviews so Far

If there is a new product launch, there will always be professional critics who give the most honest and unbiased review. They will make sure to inspect every bit of the product and tell everyone if it is worth the money. The Nintendo Switch has received positive reviews since its release, and the gaming community is rejoicing. These gamers finally have the go-signal and validation to purchase their new gaming device.

According to the Android Authority poll held in 2020, 38% of survey participants said they love the Nintendo Switch. And 36% said that they liked it. Ross Miller, one of the critics during the launching in 2017, said that Nintendo is a whole new level of technology, convenient, and creative technology.


Online games are an awesome trend up to this day, and the gaming community keeps growing every day. It is also nice to see games being released by various gaming and animation companies. You can see how the creative innovation flows through by just playing. Fortunately, online games are not just installed on computers anymore.

They are now considered cross-platform games because they are available in smartphones, tablets, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox consoles. What to be up to date with the latest games and technology? You can visit CellularNews.com for more information.

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