How Happens In Your Brain When You Read Erotic Stories

From Game of Thrones to Fifty Shades series, lately, erotic literature has become a prevalent genre among new and old generations. In fact, 76% of women and 36% of men admitted in a survey that they often read erotic stories. Reading an explicit erotic scene and imagining it in your mind can be thrilling. That means turning pages can be a significant turn on too.

However, have you ever imagined what happens inside your brain when you get engrossed in steamy tales? Many studies have been conducted to monitor brain-behavior after indulging in erotic novels or pornography. All studies have different interceptions on the topic. A York University study conducted in 2013 showed that people who read romantic stories are more sensitive and empathetic.

If you are unsure about reading erotic novels, let’s see how your brain stimulates after reading romantic sagas.

Burst your Stress Bubble

When you spend a few minutes reading raunchy and detailed erotic scenes, you will get lost in it. All your daily worries will pause for a few moments. You will forget about work deadlines or dirty dishes in your sink when you are fully engrossed in a salacious story.

Reading erotic literature also arouses your sexual desires, which releases oxytocin in the brain. It is a chemical that surges feelings of warmth and ecstasy and takes the stress out of your body. Therefore, if you are stressed, grab a steamy novel and relax your mind.

Strengthen your Relationships


If you are in a long-term relationship and ready to take things one step ahead, your erotic literature can help you with it. Especially if you don’t have much sexual experience, reading about it can help you understand your sexual desires in a better way. For example, BDSM sounds very dangerous from the outside, but you can understand how it works in reality when you read about BDSM relationships. You can better evaluate whether you want to try it or not without even participating in a BDSM act.

Further, when you have a clear idea about your sexual preferences, you can better guide your partner to achieve them. Also, you can learn ways to pleasure your partner in the bedroom. When you and your partner are sexually satisfied, your brain will also feel content. For a healthy and happy relationship, knowing your sexual desires help a lot.

Relieve Your Pain

If you are suffering from body pain, reading erotic stories can work as a painkiller for you. That’s because sensual novels can help you achieve an orgasm. As many studies have already shown, orgasm releases a blend of oxytocin and endorphin in the brain – the ultimate pain killer. So, if you have an intense migraine, open your phone or computer to read fun erotic stories here and relieve your pain in no time.

Spice Up Things in Your Bedroom


Around 50% of sexless marriages end up in divorce. Sexual dissatisfaction can lead to a broken family and mental traumas, which can increase stress severity on your brain. Thus, if you don’t want to end your marriage or relationship due to poor sex life, get in the mix with the best libido gummies for women and men while taking a few tips from erotic stories. Reading vivid types of erotic stories can expose you to many new things you can implement in your bedroom and save your marriage.

Helps You Sleep Better

Are you struggling to sleep at night? Then, some bedtime reading can put you into a deep slumber. It is observed that when you feel confident and relaxed before going to bed, you are more likely to get good quality sleep. Plus, sensual reading can help you reach your orgasm, which has a sedative effect on your brain. So, ditch your sleeping pills and start reading some raunchy tales to welcome a good night’s sleep.

Treats Your Anxiety


Do you often suffer from panic attacks? Then, you will be pleased to know that your erotic literature can also treat your anxiety. You see, arousal and anxiety have the same effect on your body and brain. Increased heartbeat, goosebumps, and little sweating are common symptoms in both. Therefore, you can trick your brain with some sexy reading when you feel anxious. Moreover, erotic novels are so interesting that you can easily block the cause of anxiety attacks by reading them. Thus, start reading when your nerves trouble you.

Ignite Passion in Your Life

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 40% of women with sexual disorders also experience depression. Not being able to sexually satisfy yourself can drive people to the dark world of depression. Especially if they are struggling with any sexual diseases. A common cause of depression is desire disorder. It is a condition when a person loses passion for indulging in sexual activities.

If you are also experiencing depression due to a lack of libido, a passionate explanation of a sexual act can help you a lot. When you read dirty dialogues, lustrous foreplay, and steamy narration, you will definitely feel aroused. To bring passion back into your life, you simply need well-curated erotic stories.

Overcome Your Fears


The human brain is logical and trainable. When you read something, your brain saves that information in your subconscious mind. That means, if you have read about a specific sexual act, your brain will remember it. Thus, when you wish to implement it in your bedroom, your brain can guide you. So, reading erotica is like training your brain for a big exam.

Parting Thoughts

When you read erotic novels, lots of things happen inside your brain. From releasing oxytocin to igniting passion, sensual reading leaves a significant impact on your brain. If you read romantic stories for fun with a positive mindset, this genre can help you improve your life in many ways.

If you haven’t touched raunchy stories yet, you should definitely give it a go and self-analyze its impact on your brain. Moreover, today you can simply go online and find plenty of explicit sexy tales. So, try and make your own mind!

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