Buried Penis Treatments

A buried penis represents a rare condition where the organ is shielded with too much skin around it. Also, in most cases, the size of the penis is normal, but excess skin is causing it to appear much smaller. Different reasons could lead to this condition, like problems with ligaments, excess fat, complications caused by circumcision, and fluid retention. The issues that could be caused by this condition are impotency, inflammation of the urinal tract, and more. The biggest problem is related to the mental state of the patient because he can be embarrassed and harmed.

Furthermore, people should know that this problem can be easily solved by surgery. There are many experts in this field, like Dr. Elist, who is experienced in Phalloplasty, and all kind of Penile Procedures. In this article, we are going to analyze more about the Treatment of the Buried Penis Condition.



As we already said, this condition is very rare. According to some studies performed in Japan, there are under 4% of boys who are born with this issue. However, it is much easier when this problem is detected during childhood. On the other hand, there are also ways where adults can develop this condition, and that is a much more dangerous situation.



Multiple reasons could result in this condition, such as having too much foreskin or a case where the doctor removed too much of it during circumcision. In that case, the organ can be pulled inside because of the lack of skin. Another reason is linked to ligaments, where they can because too weak, causing the dysfunction. Moreover, in the case of lymph fluids cause swelling, the penis could become buried by the oversized scrotum. Nonetheless, one of the most frequent cases is linked with obesity, which represents a big issue today, and can cause many other diseases as well.

Potential Complications


This problem could lead to many issues for many of any age. For example, there could be a problem with the urine that is hitting the scrotum repeatedly. Besides that, irritation and infection can become a serious problem as well. Another issue is linked to inflammation of the reproductive organ. Also, one of the most serious types of infection is balanitis, which can also be caused by poor hygiene. The main issue about this condition is related to mental problems with an adult man, like lower self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. The reason for that is because they are unable to have sexual relations.



In most cases, the main method of treatment is surgery. However, if a buried penis is noticed at small children, there are ways to get rid of that problem without any procedure. Also, if this problem is caused because of being overweight, it might get solved with losing all those extra kilograms. When it comes to surgery, the most common procedures are the connection of ligaments between pubic bone and penis, skin grafting, which is necessary in case that the circumcision procedure removed too much skin on the penis. Another procedure is suction lipectomy, where the fat around the penis is removed with catheters. Also, procedures like panniculectomy, abdominoplasty, and escutheonectomy are common methods, and each one of them is related to the removal of the skin that is causing the buried reproductive organ.

Another important factor is the proper medication. In most cases, you will get a prescription with some antibiotics. However, you should be aware that having counseling with a therapist is important as well. Dealing with this condition is not easy, and a patient will need a proper expert to talk with about his problems, especially confidence and sexual life. Furthermore, this condition can become more and more serious over the years, which means that you should pay attention, especially if you have kids, and help them to deal with the problem on time.



It is very important to occasionally visit your urologist that could help you with various problems by detecting them on time. When it comes to the condition of buried penis, it can be easily diagnosed by a simple exam. The doctor can notice the difference between this condition and a small penis. Also, many people are not aware that they are struggling with this issue while thinking that they have a small organ. Getting the diagnose on time can save a man from many struggles.

Last Words

People should learn more about various issues that might occur, and to know how to deal with them. Many people would wait until a problem gets more serious before they as some professionals for help. While there are cases where an adult could face this issue, parents could help their children who might suffer from this disease by getting them on a proper exam while they are still young. If a child doesn’t get this problem done during its young age, the problem could get more serious, and to affect the sexual function and mental state of a person.

Knowing that today we have the technology and medicine became advanced to deal with almost any problem, you should know that this procedure is not complicated at all. However, the main issue is with men who suffer from it, because it is not a rare case that many of them would wait for a long time until they finally decide to reach for help. The reason for that is the feeling of shame and lower confidence. On the other hand, if a man doesn’t deal with this issue on time, there is a risk of some serious diseases like inflammation and cancer.

The best way to avoid this problem is to pay attention to having a healthy life, which includes more physical activity and a healthier diet. According to some analyses, the main reason for this problem lies in obesity, and working out could help you to prevent this issue. Also, if you ever notice something wrong about your reproductive organs, you should immediately go and visit a doctor. Noticing a problem on time is the best way to prevent some serious problems.

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