How to Properly Store Cannabis So It Lasts?

Say you get a few buds of cannabis in the pocket of your jacket that was kept there since last year. Will you consume them? Well, if such a situation is faced, you will, no doubt, ask yourself whether they are good and you must consume them or not.

This dried herb will last longer than you may have imagined if appropriately stocked. If your cannabis is kept in a cool, dry, and dark place, then you can easily consume it for at least a year or so. Even after that, it is still safe to be consumed.

However, there are chances that it may lose its efficacy and flavor. Also, cannabis does not have an expiration date, which means it can last way longer if you store them as suggested. Read more to know more about it and buy top-tier cannabis.

However, you must consider a few points when you want to store them to ensure that they last longer than expected.

Consider a Few Factors While Storing Weed

1. Temperature


High-temperature levels amend the molecular structure of the cannabinoids. Thus, store the marijuana within optimum temperature levels. Whereas, when stored at low temperatures, the procedure of decarboxylation slows down. During this procedure, the THC turns into THC, and this form is an intoxicating form of cannabinoid.

THC further impairs CBN formation, which is a psychoactive form of cannabinoid. Moreover, warm air contains an increased amount of moisture than cold air, and it furthers leads us to consider the next factor.

2. Humidity Levels

It is a critical factor that you must take care of to prevent mold formation on the cannabis surface. Ensure that you store this ingredient in a safe environment. The levels of humidity must vary between fifty-nine to sixty-three percent. When you store it in this humidity range, the color, smell, consistency, and flavor of the cannabis increase. Do not keep it in an environment where levels of humidity are high.

If the RH level is below 65%, mold formation is low. However, if it drops further below this, then the trichomes might become dry and eventually dry out the essential oils.

3. UV Lights


The ultraviolet rays tend to break down some synthetic as well as organic materials present on the cannabis’ surface. Just like the grass changes to brown color after a sunny day, or your paint of the car starts getting fade when you keep it under the sun for a long period, Ultraviolet rays will damage your marijuana, too, over time.

4. Maintain Optimum Oxygen Levels

Oxygen is needed by cannabis to grow. Though excess oxygen might lead to its degradation. Hence, experts recommend to store the marijuana in a Mason jar and close its lid adequately, so only a small amount of air is allowed to enter. By doing this, you can make sure that the cannabis stays fresh and retains the initial form.

A minimal amount of oxygen may affect RH levels, especially if you did not dry the cannabis entirely before storing it. On the contrary, excess amounts of oxygen will boost its degradation process. You can consider purchasing the vacuum and other electric pump accessories with canning jars. Such Accessories will decrease the oxygen, i.e., exposed to the buds.

Tricks to Store Marijuana Properly

As mentioned above, marijuana does not have an expiration date. However, it will become stale with time, and its odor and flavor will change. If stored correctly, it will last for a long time. Read the below-mentioned tips to ensure that your bud stays fresh and good to be consumed.

1. Remember Not to Freeze


The fluctuations in temperature, as well as, humidity inside the fridge will not sit well with the cannabis. It will also become brittle upon freezing, leading to the break-off of trichomes, which will result in a weak weed. Hence, do not store your buds in the fridge. Instead, keep it at room temperature in air-tight jars.

2. Don’t Use Plastic

Almost all of us store our nugs in plastic bags. However, this is a bad practice. Keeping in a plastic bag might accidentally crush the buds, eliminate the trichomes from them and decrease their potency. Also, plastic is not environment friendly, and thus, you should opt for glass containers.

Plastic bags might also change the taste of your nug and release its natural odor. Hence, it is not a recommended procedure for keeping your marijuana.

Aesthetics is yet another element that determines the storage of the buds. Keeping your buds in these non-expensive baggies is not aesthetically pleasing. Thus, it would help if you steered clear of these plastic bags.For more help with this you can check Area 52.

3. Glass Containers are Good Alternatives


Keep plastic bags out of the equation and choose glass containers as they are your perfect bet. It is highly recommended that you must store your buds in mason jars since they have airtight lids. With them, you can rest assured that nothing will get into the container, nor will anything move out of it until and unless you open the lid.

The airtight lid will prevent moisture from seeping into the container and prevent the buds from becoming stale. Also, make sure to close the lid tightly.

4. Consider the Size of Container

It would help if you always chose to keep the weed in a jar, the size of which will depend on the quantity of marijuana you have to store. It would help if you did not use a huge jar to keep only 2 to 3 mugs as it will then have more room for oxygen. Alternatively, a large stack will not fit into a small jar. Match the size of the container to keep the marijuana.



There is no date of expiration for cannabis. However, when exposed to high-temperature conditions, high humidity levels, and moisture, its molecular structure changes. Such a change leads to a change in their flavor and makes them brittle. Hence, it is not recommended. Follow the tips mentioned above to stock your cannabis and increase its shelf life correctly.

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