How to Prepare for a G1 Driving test Like A Pro

Getting a license for the first time is another level of excitement for everyone. In Ontario, if a person wants to obtain a driving license, they have to go through a G1 test. Teenagers have to wait to become at least 16 years old to apply for this license. However, if you feel like starting your preparation for the exam at the earliest, it is a great idea.

Whenever a student begins his preparation for anything, he must have a good guide of how and where he can prepare for the test. To get yourself ready for the G1 test, you might have to go through the driver’s handbook. One doesn’t have to purchase it necessarily because you can get it readily available online these days. This article will share some great tips that can help you boost your preparation for the G1 driving test.

Taking a G1 test is essential to achieving the license, but it will also help you become a responsible and safe driver. It is the first step towards obtaining the full G license. Make sure to keep all the documents checked and ready before you visit the exam center. If you require more details about this topic, then please consider visiting

Some tips to prepare for the G1 Driving test like a pro


Are you going to appear for the G1 driving test for the first time? If yes, you might be trying hard to gather some great tips to help you with your preparation. But do not worry, because we have got you completely covered. Let us learn about some excellent tips to avoid any troubles in your way of obtaining a G1 license.

Understanding the pattern of the G1 test

Whether you are going to give a G1 test or any other exam, the first step towards your preparation should be to understand the format or pattern of the question paper. Talking about the G1 test comprises 40 questions, and all of them are in MCQ ( multiple choice question) form. The whole exam is divided into two separate sections, where each part contains 20 questions.

In the first section, a person will observe general knowledge about the traffic lights and signals. And a person appearing for the exam must have good knowledge about over 70 signals and traffic lights. In the second section, your knowledge based upon the rules and regulations of the road will be tested. In Ontario, there are approximately 90 road rules that you must know about.

Do proper research


Another essential step is to do proper qualitative research about your topic. This research includes learning about the exam centers around your location and all the information about the test requirements. You might never know what questions will appear in front of you at the time of the exam. Therefore, it is always suggested to prepare like a pro to avoid having any trouble in getting your G1 license.

Keep your documents ready

Documents play a significant role when it comes to fulfilling any legal process. Identification of documents is always done before you enter any drive test center. That is why students must always check and verify their details beforehand in the papers that are needed. But what are all the documents that a person can bring with him to the exam center? It includes a passport, permanent resident, Canadian citizenship, immigration papers, etc.

Study the driver’s handbook carefully


As already mentioned above, the test questions may contain most inquiries related to traffic rules and regulations. A driver’s handbook can be an essential source of preparation for you. Therefore, if you don’t have it already, then get yourself one. There are many lectures available online that can help you understand this handbook if you feel any difficulty in it.

For beginners, it might not be easy at first to understand the driver’s manual. So, in that case, you can even seek help from any of the experienced drivers at your home. He might help you explain the rules with all the clarification for your doubts. However, don’t miss reading and understanding this handbook because it can genuinely help you succeed in your driving exam.

Don’t forget to take the practice tests

The famous saying that practice makes a man perfect is true in reality as well. When a person doesn’t take any practice test, he hardly gets any idea about the actual exam. But you should make sure to have a proper understanding of the real test by taking practice tests.

Practice tests also help you to evaluate yourself before taking the actual exam. By doing this, a person will be able to identify his strong and weak points. Once you have identified your weak points, you can start working hard to excel during your drive test. So, it is always suggested to get familiar with the exam type and examine yourself better.

Give rest to your mind and body before the test day


Everyone starts feeling anxious and nervous as the exam date appears to come close. But this is a prevalent condition amongst people. Some people might think that preparing the night before the exam date will make them succeed, but this is a wrong idea. According to various studies, cramming is not a good idea because it can make you feel restless.

On the test day, you need to have a relaxed and fresh mind. Try to go to bed early at night to get a good sleep and wake up early to make sure that you are not running out of time at the last moment. Also, do not forget to take a good and healthy meal before entering the drive test center. You will see a massive difference in your performance when your mind is fresh.

To sum up

Do you want to get a full G license? If yes, then you must have to go clear the G1 test first. It is not a challenging task to clear the G1 driving test when a person is well prepared. Learn the above tips and tricks that can help you boost your scores in the G1 driving exam.

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