7 Pros and Cons of Plaster in Home Decor

While it was common for older houses and buildings to use plaster for the wall design, we can notice that this trend is becoming popular in recent years as well. If you are planning to add this type of decoration, it represents the final stage after the walls are constructed and painted.

You can combine it with other materials like tiles and panels, while it can be used simply as a decoration. One of the main reasons why people are interested in this option is because of the flexibility that you can have in getting all kinds of forms for decoration of the wall. You can see some popular choices at

The interesting fact is that the use of plaster lasts for a very long time. Also, it can be in various colors and contain different materials, like marble, minerals, additives, fibers, and more. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the main advantages and potential downsides of using plaster as a decoration in home decor.


1. High Quality and Resistance


You can notice the difference and the benefits when you compare it to even a more common solution, which is to install drywall. Plaster represents a much stronger option.

The best example can be seen when you apply force to these materials.

The problem with drywall is that you can easily damage them, even by hitting one with bare hands. On the other side, there is no chance to damage a plaster by simply hitting it. That is a very important feature. When it comes to the decoration, you can be relaxed when choosing all kinds of forms when you know that there is no way to affect the design so easily.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

There is no reason to use plaster only for details in the corners of walls in your home. Installing a layer of plaster can be a great way to improve the appearance of the room, while there is an additional advantage to it as well, which is related to a special feature of this material.

You will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the room when you implement the layers of plaster. Therefore, even though this is a more expensive solution for interior design, it represents a great long-term option that will cut the expenses related to heating and air-conditioning.

4. Soundproofing Features


Besides the ability to improve the isolation of the room, it will also add soundproofing, which is another reason to consider installing this material. For example, if your bedroom shares a wall with the living room, you can choose this option to never get woken up by other members of the family when they are chatting or watching the TV in the living room. It is a great way to improve privacy.

5. Flexibility With the Design

Besides the technical features that make this option perfect in many ways, the main reason why so many people are interested in plaster is related to the ability to add various elements that will improve the design. It depends on your preferences, but the process of getting the right design is quite simple.

Companies that are selling this material can offer you a solution to choose any form you prefer, and they create such a form with mold. It can be a great solution for both private homes and commercial sites. It is especially popular among people who prefer the traditional design, but you can create some modern notes as well.


1. It Might Crack Over Time


It is very important to choose the right spots where you will add additional details with plaster. This material can lose some features over time, especially when it comes to resistance. Therefore, it is not recommended to place anything over it. For example, if you are planning to hang a picture on a wall, the best solution is to leave that part without the plaster because the picture might fall off over time.

2. It Might Affect the Wi-Fi

Another thing to be aware of when installing a plaster is that it can mess up the standard wireless system you have in your home. That can be a problem if you keep the router in a room that is surrounded by walls that contain plaster. There is a simple solution to that as well, which is to buy an improved router that can emit the connection through this material.

3. Potential Issues With Renovation


If you are planning to make some changes to the current design in your home, dealing with the plaster can be challenging. Making holes in it or changing its appearance can cause damage to it. The biggest problem is not being aware that there is plaster used in the walls in the first place. That might cause the whole wall to crack, which will force you to replace it with a new one, and that can be very expensive.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a solution to improve the design of your home by adding various details and making the space appear more pleasant, plaster can be the best solution.

Still, you need to keep in mind that it has some unique features. Most of them can be beneficial, but you should never apply force on them by drilling or hanging stuff.

Another interesting fact is that the first samples of plaster date back to the time when Pyramids were constructed. The common misconception is that it can be used only if you prefer old-fashioned design. Modeling additional elements is not complicated, and you can even choose the appearance by providing a preferred design to the producer.

If you lack funds to cover the whole surface of the wall, it can still be a great option to decorate the corners. The advantage is that it will improve the isolation. First signs of mold can be noticed in the corners. There is no better option when it comes to the flexibility you will get when choosing an element to add to the wall to make your home look more unique.

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