Picking The Best Animatronics For Your Big Event

When it comes to catching the attention of customers, event attendants, and the general public, few things work better than a really great animatronic. Perhaps you’ve seen them used to excellent effect lately and have gotten inspired. There are a lot of ways to make great use of a well-made animatronic.

The first step, however, is making sure that you’re getting the kind of animatronic that you’re glad to show off. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at what you should look for in any animatronic manufacturer, and how to separate the best from the rest.

Do they have any awards or certifications of their quality? 

According to OnlyDinosaurs, there are certain certifications and awards that can indicate the quality of engineering and animation that goes into an animatronic. Specifically, you should be looking for CE and SGS certifications. Without those, there are no guarantees the animatronics have been independently investigated for engineering quality.

How durable are they?


You need to make sure the product you choose is able to keep working in the environment you plan on using it in. It’s hard to find weatherproof animatronics that are suitable for being used outdoors, for instance. However, tough materials like silicone, waterproofing, fireproofing, and anti-rust features are all worth looking for.

How much articulation does it have?

The manufacturer should be able to tell you directly how many points of articulation their animatronics have. For instance, a good dinosaur animatronic should be able to move its head, its tail, its claws, and might be able to breathe. If the manufacturer isn’t clear on how animated it is, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Does it make any sound?

When the animatronic makes sounds, it takes the display into a whole new dimension. A good dinosaur animatronic will be able to growl, roar, and might even make quiet breathing noises. That can elevate the display into a whole new level of life-likeness.

Does it look good?


Simply put, does it look as life-like as some of the others on the market? Does it have a high-quality rubbery skin like silicon, and is it painted well? Realism and vividness aren’t always the same thing, but you don’t want your animatronic to look cheap, regardless of what look you’re going for.

Is the reputation of the manufacturer good?

Take a look at online reviews and see what other clients are saying about the manufacturer. If there are no reviews or buzz about them at all, it might be a sign that they haven’t much of an impression. You want a fair balance of reviews that skews more towards the positive.

How long have they been in business?

The age of a company isn’t the only thing that matters, by any stretch of the imagination. You should also look at the experience of the engineers and designers who work within the company if that information is offered. However, usually, you can expect good results from a company that has been successfully making and selling animatronics for several years.

Do they have any videos or photos of it in action?

You don’t want to go off the branding photos used on the product pages of the manufacturer’s website. You should try to see the animatronic in action, hopefully in a public setting. That’s a much better indication of how it will look when you actually have it.

Is it within budget?


What makes a good animatronic affordable depends on what your budget is. You do want to be wary of products that are way too cheap, as it can be a signal that not much was invested into the quality of the product in the first place. Otherwise, if the products look and seem comparable in general, then a side-by-side price comparison might be the deciding factor.

How do you find the best animatronics for your event?

Consider the type of animatronic you want, whether it’s a specific type of creature or has a certain look to it. Take to Google and see what results it brings up, but you should also look at the trade shows where you have seen those animatronics before. You might be able to find whoever was using it and find out who they got theirs from.

Once you’ve found a few manufacturers and made a shortlist, take the time to rate them in each of the qualities mentioned above. That should help you come up with a clear winner and end up with an animatronic you’re happy to show off.

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