7 Online Casino Games that Can Easily Be Beaten

Some casino games are not easy to beat. The reason behind this is what is called ‘Casino advantage’, and it is present in every game played in casinos. The games are designed in such a way that users are mostly on the losing side. However, with the right skills and techniques, certain games can be easily beaten.

Many people believe that winning a casino game is a matter of luck. But that is not always the case. Making a stroke of profit, luck might even come from the right set of skills and knowledge.

Numerous casinos like offer a high payout, and hence playing the games that can be easily beaten will ensure a lucrative win. There are a few entertainment activities that you can beat very easily with a few tips and tricks. Some of these games are mentioned as follows:

1. Blackjack


The trick to win a round at Blackjack lies in its card counting. By counting cards in Blackjack using the optimal betting technique, you can incur a lot of profit. However, you have to be careful because casinos remove people who are often engaged in card counting.

But it is not at all illegal. It is just that casinos will not see you take their money quickly. So, card counters often do not play big, meaning that they do not win significant amounts. By doing so, they don’t become noticeable and hence don’t get caught. Card counters never visit the same casino more than once a week, and they keep on switching casinos.

2. Poker


Many casinos offer poker, although it is not a mainstream casino game. Poker is one such activity that you can beat easily and win a lucrative amount from. Remember that you are against other players and not against the casino. The casino takes a part of the pot if you are better than your competitive players and can beat them. There are professional poker players who earn a living from these.

3. Slot Machines


It is not easy to beat slot machines; however, it is not impossible. Some poker machines have playback of more than a hundred percent. The reason why casinos offer such machines is simple because of a marketing gimmick. Casinos will rarely lose money because the probability of an automated system making mistakes is relatively low.

Moreover, you will have to invest hours in winning the machine. But you can easily win a round if you have enough knowledge about the machine you are playing on. With the help of the player’s reward cards, you can get a lot of free food and amenities.

4. Baccarat


Baccarat is one of the favorite games of many players, mainly the high rollers. It has apparent disadvantages and advantages. However, the most significant advantage that it has is its low house edge. In Baccarat, you need to make a probable guess. In this, both the dealer as well as the player gets to play a hand. An elaborated process determines the score of every hand. You will have to add the values of the card and then ignore the initial digit.

You do not have to make any decisions while playing Baccarat, just like in blackjack. The only common point between blackjack and Baccarat is that they both belong to a traditional card deck.

The stakes are usually available in it, which is why high rollers love it so much. If you are not looking for something very fast-paced, you should play Baccarat. If you are not interested in learning any complicated strategies, this game will suit your requirements perfectly. You can easily win this activity without any hassle.

5. Craps


Choose to play craps where you can quickly attack someone or get attacked for profit. However, this game involves a considerable investment in terms of both money and time. You will have to learn to play it to defeat others and also practice it to perfection.

There are several tips and tricks with which you can easily win Craps. The payout offered is lucrative, and hence, you can easily make up for the lost amount with the help of comp points. However, you will need significant practice just as blackjack to win this.

6. Roulette


When it comes to beating online games, you can effortlessly defeat your opponent at Roulette as a player. There are several varied ways in which you can do so. One of the similar ways includes offsetting just as you would do in Craps. The tournament’s proposition is a losing bet similar to that of the craps, but you can also make up for the losses in the comps that are attained.

Winning at Roulette is quite challenging. Also, you need to make considerable investments just as you would do in craps. Moreover, you will have to work on your approach to playing Roulette and be aware of Q about this game’s odds.

7. The Big Six wheel


This game has a huge wheel, and while it is spun, the player prays that the wheel works just like the fortune wheel and renders results in his favor. But, only hoping and praying will not work. You can win this game by timing out the average spinning time. Then, you need to bet on the number you think the wheel will stop.


Casino games are a source of great entertainment and hence attract a horde of people. Unfortunately, they are banned in multiple countries, such as India. So, online casinos have replaced regular casinos since the last decade. Online casinos offer a variety of games and convenience.

Not all casino games are easy to conquer. These games are primarily driven by probability. Thus, often than not, you might end up losing the bet amount. If you are a beginner, you should first start by playing these easy to beat games. Then, as your expertise increases, try your hands out at the challenging games. All you need is a bit of practice and the required skills to play these casino activities.

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