Which CCIE is most Demanded 2024?

IT is a profession where a college degree is certainly not mandatory for you to get a job, be successful and well paid. That’s why there are a lot of self-taught people in the IT industry, who possess fantastic IT skills but simply have never gone through formal education. And that’s perfectly fine, because most employers only ask for knowledge to be shown at a job interview, and no one cares if you went to college.

However, there are two cases when it will be very useful for you to have at least some type of formal IT education. These two cases are if you are looking for a job for the first time, so you do not have a recommendation, or if you are changing your career and you have decided on IT. As in both cases, you probably do not have time to obtain a college degree, IT certificates are the right choice for you. So in a much shorter time, you will have a diploma in your hands that will open many doors for you. This is probably the reason why you decided to pursue CCIE, one of Cisco’s certifications. If you are not sure which CCIE to choose, we will help you and tell you which CCIE is most demanded 2024 and other things you need to know.

About CCIE


The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or CCIE is second to the last level among the IT professional certifications offered by Cisco and is highly regarded and respected. When we say it’s second to last, it doesn’t mean you have to complete all the previous levels to be able to start CCIE. As with all other Cisco IT certifications, there is no prerequisite. However, CCIE is at an expert level, which means that if you do not have very extensive knowledge, which you will further upgrade, it is better not to start.

CCIE is generally accepted worldwide and is considered one of the most prestigious IT certifications you can obtain, especially when it comes to networking. After completing the CCIE it is certain that you will have very extensive networking knowledge and be able to solve all the technical issues you may encounter. That is why CCIE is considered one of the best and most prestigious ones, but also considered the most difficult IT certificates available in the world today because of the so demanding exam.

CCIE exam


The three levels that precede the CCIE, and those are the CCENT, the CCNA and the CCNP consist just of the written exam, while the CCIE has two parts. The first is also a written part, which lasts 2 hours, has about 100 multiple choice questions and you need to pass it to move on to the next part of the exam. Within a few hours, you will be notified if you have passed the written part.

The second part is the lab exam, which lasts 8 hours and you will have to configure the equipment and troubleshoot the network, and you will have limited time at your disposal. Although 8 hours seems like a long period, believe us, in this case, it is not. But if you pass the lab exam, you will know that you are fully prepared to do the job in the field of networking very successfully. When we talk about The CCIE Routing and Switching, which we will discuss in more detail in the next paragraph, the lab exam is usually divided into 2 hours for troubleshooting, half an hour for diagnostics, and then the remaining time for configuring.

If you fail, you have to take the lab exam again within the next year, otherwise, you will have to repeat the written part too. Due to the complexity and the need for a great deal of knowledge and experience, it is recommended that you have worked in networking for at least 3 years before opting for CCIE.

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Which CCIE is most demanded?


It is important to note that for all types of CCIE there is a great demand and you will not go wrong if you choose any of them. Still, if we look at the statistics, CCIE Routing and Switching are absolutely the most demanded in 2024.

And not only this year, but we also checked the statistics over the past 5 years and the situation has always been the same. Each of these years there was the most job openings for CCIE Routing and Switching experts, about 70 percent of all CCIE job openings available.

As you can read on the Cisco website “CCIE Routing and Switching certifications the skills required of expert-level network engineers to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructure.”

One more thing is important to note. We mentioned “CCIE Routing and Switching” everywhere in the article because you will mostly encounter that term when you want to find more about CCIE certificates. But officially “CCIE Routing and Switching” was renamed last year to “CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure” and under that name you will find it on the official Cisco website. While in most other places it is still called Routing and Switching because it has been called that for over 10 years and people are used to that name.

Other types of CCIE


There are also CCIE Enterprise Wireless, CCIE Data Center, CCIE Security, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Collaboration, and CCDE. As we have already said, no matter which one you chose, it is certain that you will find a well-paid job. If we look at the statistics after CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure which is the most in-demand, in second place is CCIE Security. As for the exam, they all also consist of a written part and a lab exam.


We support your decision to choose a CCIE certificate. In this article, we answered the question of which CCIE is most demanded this year, and we also told you everything else you need to know about CCIE. We hope this will help you become Cisco certified.

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