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New Edition Net Worth 2024 – Group That Conquers The Scene

New Edition is one of the most famous pop groups nowadays which primarily performs R&B style. This group saw its glory during its foundation in the 80s of the last century. The cast comprised of men since their audience was primarily female one. The group centered on Michael Bivins who was the main organizer and planner in each and every aspect, from dressing to songs and performances.


New Edition

The group was formed in 1978. It was formed in Boston, MS, the USA. As we have already said, the cast mainly consisted of male singers and performers. The names of the original members of the group are: Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ronnie DeVoe and Ralph Tresvant. This cast remained the same until the moment the group was left by Bobby Brown.

After Bobby Brown left, the group did not fall apart and they continued to have performances and go on tours. They have been looking for a new member who will fill in Bobby’s place. And they found it in Johnny Gill, who became a new member.

The life and existence of the group was not an easy one. Since there have been a lot of members with different views and attitudes, conflicts happened as well as differences in opinion. This all resulted in the splits and breakups of the group. However, they somehow always found a way to reunite and perform together.


As we have said, they started to perform in 1978 when they made several songs that have become instant hits. The songs are: Candy Girl, Cool It Now and Mr. Telephone we have said, the group was left by Bobby Brown in 1985 so that he could pursue his own solo career. Three years have passed before the group got another member, and it happened in 1988 when Johnny Gill joined the group.

Together with him, New Edition has made and released a new album titled Heart Break. The first break up of the group took place in 1990 when the members of the group have decided to try each own way as solo artists. Some of them, such as Bell Biv DeVoe, Gill, and Tresvant, succeeded in having notable solo careers.


This was the year when the members united again so that they could make their 6th album and perform together. The album they then made was titled Home Again. They were supposed to have a tour after the album is done and released but this did not happen since two members of the group have decided to back down and not go on a tour. Those were Bobby Brown and Michael Bivins, and the tour never took place because of them.


They again decided to record once again in 2004 and made a new album titled One Love, which had a good reception.


They have decided to get together one last time in 2011 and they had a good reason for this. Namely, this was the anniversary of their song called Candy Girl and they wanted to make a memory out of this milestone. We should also add that all of them then stated that they would surely make another joined album and that they would have the mutual tour as New Edition one last time.


New Edition

They were a very popular group that had very good music and songs. This did not go unnoticed and they have been recognized as artists. They have been nominated for a lot of awards and they have also a lot of them. Surely, one of the most important award that they have won is American Music Awards for Favorite Soul/R&B Band/ Duo/Group.

Net worth

New Edition brought not only fame but a lot of money to each and every member of the group. They have earned a lot, and the net worth of the entire group in 2024 is estimated at 75.5 million USD. If we look at group members, these are their net worths: Міkе Віvіnѕ – $40 mіllіоn, Rісkу Веll – $15 mіllіоn, Rаlрh Тrеѕvаnt – $8 mіllіоn, Јоhnnу Gіll – $10 mіllіоn, Воbbу Вrоwn – $2 mіllіоn аnd Rоnnіе Dеvое – $500 thоuѕаnd.

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