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The Most Neglected Health Problem in the World – 2024 Review

When we get a stomach ache, a toothache, or we fall and hurt our leg, we seek help. We don’t see anything wrong with that. It is normal and expected. However, what happens when we are not really in the mood for days? Or when we have flashbacks about some unpleasant thing that has happened to us? Or when we burst into tears just because we feel overwhelmed by sadness? Probably nothing. We will try to comfort ourselves, try to name all the reasons why “we are just fine” and move on with our days. However, is that really the answer?

The stigma around mental health

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For years people have been avoiding admitting that they need help from a physiatrist. Even now, in the 21st century, people are embarrassed to say that they need help and that they are not well. Having a mental illness always meant that “something is wrong with the person”. However, this attitude is not helpful at all. In fact, it can be pretty damaging and can decrease the quality of a person’s life significantly. It is necessary to work towards raising awareness every way we can to simply let people know that it is ok to seek help, it is ok to say “I am depressed”.

It is ok to admit that your days are too dark and that you need someone’s hand to help you walk into the light again. If more people would be open about the issues they are encountering on a daily basis, people in trouble would seek help more openly, more freely. Mental wellness is equally important as physical wellness, so it is necessary to have a holistic approach and let professionals help us when we are hurting.

Why is it so difficult to understand?

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When it comes to physical health and the range of issues that we may encounter, people can easily separate that from our personality. We think about the illnesses concerning physical nature manageable. However, what happens when our mental health is in jeopardy? Since our behavior gets affected, people are more prone to judging and turning back on the problem. Anyone who has had a health condition concerning mental state or has had someone from the family dealing with an issue knows how challenging it can be.

Sometimes it is hard to know right from wrong, or even what is real and what is not. This is why it is necessary to seek proper help and get the necessary medications. Nowadays, medicine has progressed significantly, and almost any illness can be properly managed. It is just important to get a proper diagnosis. This leads to the second issue with this. Some mental illnesses have overlapping symptoms making it harder to get the right diagnosis. Some people say that they waited for numerous years before they got the proper diagnosis. At that point, the diagnosis usually comes as a huge relief. It is important to say that it is necessary to take the treatment as prescribed. If you would like to get them at a fair price, you can find them on this website.

The importance of mental wellbeing

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It is necessary to understand that only if we feel strong, both mentally and physically, we can face challenges properly. We cannot be good friends, partners, or family members if something is not right with us. It is necessary to be open-minded and honest about the difficulties we are facing. Mental illnesses are more frequent than anyone would even think. However, people who are struggling need support. Getting support is only possible if the people who love you know what is going on.

Lately, the number of suicides has been on the rise. The global issues with Coronavirus, the isolation, losing jobs, being overworked, underpaid, overburdened with all kinds of obligations during the day, often leads to burnout in every possible sense, which can result in thinking about ending everything and feeling at peace. However, that is not the answer. It is necessary to keep in mind that every person in this world is needed and can lead a fulfilled life. Again, seeking help is crucial.

There is even research that says that one in four people will be affected by some form of mental condition at least once in a lifetime. As you can see, it is not that rare, but people are simply denying that there is a problem until the problem becomes too big.

What can be done?

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According to regular checkups, doing research, being proactive, and open about all the symptoms all contribute to tackling the issue. It is the only path that should be followed in order for a person to get the proper help. However, this is not always an easy thing to do. People sometimes live too long with the issues that they believe that is their normal condition. This is why it is crucial to constantly work on informing people about the symptoms that should be the red flag for seeking help. Mental health is very complex, and some conditions can be managed easier, while others require a more complex approach, but one thing is in common for each one – there is a way to improve the quality of life for the person in question. Everyone deserves to lead a good life.

While all this applies for the period when the symptoms become obvious, it is necessary to mention the importance of prevention too. It is necessary to find a way to manage stress by eating healthily, consuming plenty of fruit and vegetables, exercising on a regular basis, and socializing. Finding a balance between work and family is necessary. Every individual must find some time to dedicate to hobbies, seeing friends and enjoying time with the family, but also to have some leisure time. We cannot and should not be productive all the time. Life should be about overcoming obstacles, but also about being able to enjoy life in all its glory!

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