Best Mobile Applications for Recording Podcasts

Podcasts are currently trending in the online marketplace due to their various streaming capabilities. They may be created by typical online users or by businesses seeking to promote their brands. There are various iOS and Android apps that allow file formats, such as podcasts, to be uploaded onto its channel.

They may include live video or use static images that offer lengthy recordings to be played in the background. Depending on the listening platform, users may interact with specific features, such as podcast details, speed play, skip functions, social sharing, and media downloads. When deciding which mobile application platform to use for your brand’s podcast streaming, or when considering the development of a podcasting mobile application, businesses reach out to a local Los Angeles mobile app development agency like .

Common Podcasts Features

Podcasts may be uploaded onto different mobile apps as an individual recording or as a series of repetitive streaming services available for the public. They may incorporate live video during the recording or may feature a cover page that remains on the front-end while users listen. They may be shared via social media and maybe downloaded for offline use when users are out of common reception zones.

Additionally, they may have the function to be playing in the background while users are interacting with various other mobile applications on their smart devices, such as phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Apps that have podcasts within their program may also offer users the option to play the audio at different speeds, view subtitles, and provide likes or comments.

Benefits of Podcasts for Business

Businesses may opt into using podcasts for numerous reasons. These particular types of media are fast and easy to listen to and may include relevant information to brands’ different products and services. From a business perspective, the advertisements during the podcast recording or ads placed around the interface of the mobile app may offer higher user conversions. Click here to learn how to start a podcast for your business for free.

Additionally, they capture user attention for longer periods of time compared to other streaming services provided by brands. Here are some examples of other useful apps for a long commute that will be beneficial for businesses targeting specific target audiences.

These higher engagement levels may be analyzed by businesses, along with various user feedback such as likes, comments, and shares.

Best Mobile Applications for Recording Podcasts

1. Anchor

Anchor is an Android mobile application that offers podcasting capabilities. With free hosting for creators, anchor offers a multitude of functions and features. To name a few features, there are importing systems for voice messages, music streaming platforms like Spotify, sound effects, theme tunes, background music, voice audio, and more. Also, Anchor is a great mobile application that allows transitions in between recording scenes and offers group chats for each recording.

Anchor enables users to publish and list podcasts on Apple and Google Podcasts. The editing tools and multiple users that may join on voice recording via mobile device make Anchor an easy to use and simple to manage recording app.

2. Castbox

Castbox makes podcast recording and publishing easy and quick. The roadmap involves filling out the podcast details, recording, editing, publishing, and marketing them to another streaming service. Castbox also offers users the features to track show performance, manage to listen to comments, store saved them, control promotional ads from on the app interface.

3. Podbean

The Podbean Android mobile app is a user-friendly app that offers various podcasting services. The mobile app uses a simple interface for publishing and managing them easier and more quickly. Upon registration, Podbean also offers website creation that stores various podcast feeds. Additionally, users may publish on scheduled time periods, distribute them across various social media platforms, and view user statistics to review engagement analytics.

From within the program, users of Podbean may optimize in-app advertisements to become more relevant to specific target audiences. Another feature is Patreon exclusive content publishing for contributors of specific podcast channels. Lastly, businesses may upsell live stream tickets and call-ins when streaming in real-time.

4. RadioPublic

Radio Public allows businesses a simple to use, navigation-friendly, and affordable podcast streaming service. There are numerous ways to monetize from within the app by using features such as exclusive paid member content distribution and promotion management. There are offline downloading options for the end-users, quick streaming functions, and a navigation-friendly interface for searching, bookmarking, and reviewing similar content.

Users with RadioPublic may organize them into various folders, set recordings and audio content on queue for uninterrupted listening, and import and export its recordings via OPML.

5. Spreaker Studio

Speaker Studio is an Android app with various podcasts services and features. From within the mobile application, there are editable soundboards, recording options, audio configurations, and uploading criteria from within the virtual studio user interface. For more optimization, users may edit titles, descriptions, tags, and images. Furthermore, Speaker Studio offers sharing options to personal podcast hostings and on various social sharing platforms.

6. Spotify

Spotify is a popular music, podcast, news, and audio blogging platform with various podcasting services. The registration process is straightforward and involves user registration, submitting the RSS feed, and account confirmation. Spotify’s podcasts meet specific file sizes, image art cover dimensions, and recording length limits. When managing them, users may share streams on the app itself or to other social or streaming services. Additionally, there are timestamp links that forward them to other users at specific scenes on recordings.


As podcasts continue to show market growth within the social and streaming mobile app community, businesses may benefit from these services to improve their customer experiences and engagement levels for brand products and services. Setup for these streaming services are simple and publication may be configured to best accommodate business objectives. They may also be shared on various other networks, mobile app feeds, and social media platforms, which makes podcasting another marketing solution worth considering for boosting overall brand value and company revenue.

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