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Millennial Baby Parenting Rules – 2024 Review

Millennials are the people born sometime between 1980 and 2000; most millennials are now either starting families or raising little kids of their own, but in a way that is radically different to their own brought up.

Parenting has changed, and there’s no denying it. The rules that were applicable in earlier eras are no longer considered relevant in today’s day and age, and it’s all thanks to millennials.

From challenging the traditional rules of family structure to straying from helicoptering and maltreatment, millennial parents are doing it all.

Below is a list of the most significant millennial baby parenting rules you ought to abide by if you’re raising kids in today’s world:

  1. Moms Supporting Other Moms

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In the past, we have seen an undeniable and fierce competition prevail among mothers, especially those hailing from more elite social circles; in the past, mothers would pit themselves against one another in an attempt to outshine the rest and qualify as a better mother than her “competitors.”

This toxic behavior led to many women feeling like motherhood was the only thing that defined them and hence would often go to extreme lengths in trying to prove themselves better than other mothers.

This attitude is most commonly seen in generation X mothers, who were born between 1960 and 1980. Shaming other moms for employing a different or “radical” parenting style is common in generation X, but millennials aren’t having any of it.

This is because millennials are open to accepting different parenting styles and agree that there is more than one correct way to raise your child. Negative attitude towards other moms is a definite no-no for millennials; instead, the new trend is all about one mother supporting another even if their parenting styles are vastly different. It’s all about acceptance, tolerance, and fixing each other’s crowns.

  1. Shared Parental Responsibilities

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The gender-based power dynamic is shifting; as a result, more men are assuming the duties that were previously only taken charge of by women. When it comes to parenting, this means that millennial fathers are working just as hard as mothers to raise their kids.

Now, fathers are expected to do more than just provide for their family financially; instead, they are expected to take part in everyday, mundane tasks, too, like changing their children’s diapers and preparing meals for them. As a result, they empower their female spouses to focus on their careers and maintain a healthy home and work life.

This doesn’t mean that men are expected to leave their careers altogether and expect their wives to financially support the household. It just means that where previously only women would chase after their kids, now we can see fathers playing an equal role in their children’s upbringing, too.

  1. Social Media Influence

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Social media is woven into the very fabric of our being, and more so when it comes to millennials. Millennial parents are concerned with their child’s development and will do whatever they can do learn more about new and improved parenting styles.

The internet is full of articles and online communities that teach millennial parents how to raise their kids. These discussions mainly center on preventing child abuse and granting greater autonomy to children.

These are two topics that millennial parents feel a greater need to address because of how it impacted their own childhood. You can find many excellent child abuse essay examples on Tooly. These essays aim to raise awareness of abuse amongst parents.

The essay samples are excellent examples of how far millennial parents are willing to go to gain knowledge that will help them to improve their parenting style.

Child abuse is more relevant among millennial parents than other generations. This is because millennials were subjected to different forms of abuse owing to the pressures that their own parents had to face. Many millennials had parents that did not engage in self-care or share their parenting responsibilities with their partners. This is why they had extreme levels of stress upon their shoulders, which would often be relieved by abusing one’s own children.

As a result, millennials do not want their children to suffer the same way they did, which is why they turn to social media and the internet to gain knowledge and share parenting tricks; the goal for millennials is to be better parents to their kids than their own parents were to them.

  1. Me Time

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Millennials are also called the most “burnt out generation,” and for a good reason! The economy doesn’t support millennials the way it did the previous generations; this has placed significant burdens upon millennial parents and often leaves them stressed and burnt out.

However, millennials are more aware of the self-care concept than past generations, which is why millennial parents make sure that they have some time off to themselves, be it with their spouses or without.

Me time” is important because it allows parents to relax and regain their strength. As a result, they come back from their self-care breaks with more energy, which is then directed back towards their family, ultimately resulting in better parenting.

  1. Social Awareness

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Millennial parents like their children to be more socially aware than they were as kids, which is why you’ll see many millennials discussing socially relevant topics with their children regardless of their young age.

Social awareness also ensures child safety; by teaching their kids about potential security threats and how to stand up for their rights, millennials are guaranteeing a safe and secure future for their children.


Millennials are often criticized for their new and radical parenting styles; however, we can see that their methods yield positive results. Today’s kids are more socially aware, calm, and mentally stable than those from previous generations, and it’s all thanks to the efforts made by millennial parents.

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