Mexico’s Immigration Card Going Online

As of now, Mexico is open to accepting tourists and visitors. No health tests, distinctive requirements, or mandatory quarantines are enforced.

However, all tourists entering the country by air from any other nation are obligated to answer a health questionnaire, the entire process of which can be performed online.

Keep in mind that this is in addition to the FMM card, which is the point of discussion of this article!

Read on to find out all you need to know about Mexico’s Immigration Card and how to get it.

Immigration card is the FMM card and is also the Tourist Card


The Immigration Card, also known as the FMM Card and the Mexico Tourist Card is an official document that’s a must-have for any tourist of any nationality seeking to gain access into Mexico.

To add to your convenience, the Mexican authorities have moved the process of applying for the Immigration Card online, so you can fill out the form right from the comfort of your home!

Meaning there’s no need to wait in the long queues in a Mexican embassy anymore!

What’s more, the online Immigration Card registration process is quite straightforward, affordable, and convenient!

All you need is:

  • Your passport
  • Flight information
  • Name or address of the hotel you intend on staying in
  • Proof of return or onward journey

And that’s it!

Keep in mind that an Immigration Card can only represent one person. This implies that your spouse or children will need their separate Immigration Cards to gain admission into Mexico.

Lastly, we consider it noteworthy to mention that the Immigration Card only has one purpose, which is facilitating entry into Mexico. By no means does it replace a visa!

We’ll see about that later in this article.

Airlines Handing Out The Tourist Card

Some commercial airlines hand out Mexico Tourist Cards (Immigration Cards) to all the passengers on board. They may distribute the Tourist Cards free of cost or charge a minimal fee.

However, most commercial airlines no longer have the provision of providing Tourist Cards, as the Mexican authorities have shifted the entire process online. In light of that, we heartily recommend that you fill out the required form by yourself.

The process is simple and only requires minimal documents along with just five minutes of your time. Let’s get into it next!

Tourist Card to Be Obtained Online


According to, the tourist card to Mexico can be obtained online. Visitors can arrive at the airport prepared with the card pre-filled and ready to board the flight or pass through the land border.

When you set foot in Mexico, you must produce your passport and printed Tourist Card.

This accounts for a convenient verification as your information is already present in their database. Thus, all the Immigration Officer needs to do is cross-check your details with the data they already have.

Following that, the authorities will stamp your Tourist Card, after which you’ll be good to go.

To obtain the Mexico Tourist Card online, you need to specify some customary information regarding yourself. This includes your:

  • Passport particulars
  • Contact details
  • Inbound flight information
  • Complete name or address of the hotel in Mexico
  • Email; to deliver your Tourist Card as a .pdf document to

Online Application

With online service at your side, the online application for the Mexico Immigration Card has never been more straightforward! All it takes is a working internet connection and a passport!

Here’s a brief rundown of the quick, uncostly, and oversimplified process of applying for the Immigration Card:

Filling out the online application for Immigration Card


Forget the perplexing annoyances of uploading a variety of documents with rigidly restricted dimensions! The Immigration Card application form!

To fill in the application online, you just need to click on “Apply Now,” after which you will be readdressed to a secure page that asks for your customary information.

After supplying the needed information, follow the next step.

Making the payment:

Charges a nominal fee to get your Immigration Card processed and maintain its dynamic interface. Subsequent to the payment of your processing charge, our experts will review your application for five different inconsistencies: typos, mistakes, omissions, errors, and nationality-specific inaccuracies.

After your form is wholly reviewed, we’ll forward it to the Mexican immigration authorities and who will deliver your Immigration card to your email ID.

Receiving the Immigration Card


As we’ve mentioned already, the Immigration Card will be sent to you via email. It’ll be delivered as a portable document file to the email ID particularized by you while filling out the form.

For that reason, we firmly propose that you mention only a valid mail address while filling up the particulars.

Upon obtaining the Immigration Card, take its print to be verified by the Mexican authorities without any hassles.

Make Sure You Don’t Need a Visa

First of all, the Immigration Card is not the equivalent of a Mexico Visa! They’re two separate documents and it is recommended that you check whether or not you’d require a visa in order to gain admission into Mexico.

The Mexico Visa is needed if:

  • Your visit to the country exceeds 180 days
  • Your nationality doesn’t fall under the visa-exempt classification

The foreign citizens of about 70 countries are allowed visa-free access to Mexico for short stays — either up to thirty days to transit through or one hundred and eighty days for tourism.

For other tourists of nearly 170 nations, there is a requirement of applying for a Mexico Visa to travel to Mexico.

Check with your local airlines or a nearby Mexican embassy to know if you are granted visa-free access.

Moreover, this country’s consular visa is not available to be applied online! Meaning you must complete their visa application process by physically visiting the nearest consulate or embassy.

Please bear in mind that despite being exempt from the visa requirement to enter Mexico, you may still be required to obtain the Immigration Card!

Mexico: The Hottest Destination in 2024


A longtime favorite vacation spot of North Americans, Mexico is getting increasingly popular with vacationists and sightseers from Europe as well!

With its perpetual sunshine, striking landscapes, and wonderful sandy beaches — and not to mention, the incredibly rich cultural heritage, Mexico leaves an awe-inspiring impression on everyone who visits it.

In short, there’s no destination hotter than Mexico today, and no way you can afford to miss out on visiting this lush, tropical country.

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