Mendeecees Harris

Mendeecees Harris Net Worth 2024 – Personal Life and Career

He is one of the best known “faces” in New York City since he is a well-known and recognized TV personality and he is also involved in the world of music. His entrepreneurship is best shown in a company that he has and is called Beat Factory that works with some of the greatest names in the industry and it has numerous contracts in Hollywood.

Personal life

His birthday is on the 26th October and he was born in 1978. It should be also noted that his parents are immigrants from Panama. He was not always involved in music and he spent some time doing real estate before he decided to get into music. We should also mention that he also spent some time in jail because he was trading with d**gs.

However, he paid the bail and the charges have been dropped. Some people say that this was the moment that he decided to change his life and to get into music.


We should also mention that he was involved in an incident when he allegedly assaulted a young girl in New Jersey and there were charges against him because of this as well. He decided to marry in 2015 to his long-time girlfriend called Yandy Smith and this changed his life forever since he dedicated himself to working and making a name of himself.


As we have said, he did not have a good start in life due to d**g accusations and assault on a teenage girl in New Jersey. Even though he made mistakes, he decided to do things right and to follow his dreams. Some of these dreams included singing and music, which he both loved from an early age.

He currently works as a manager, music director and as producer. It is true that he and his siblings made a lot of money throughout the years, we should also mention that they reportedly lost 171K USD as a fee for bailing d**g charges.

Net worth

The current net worth of Harris is estimated at 1 million USD. Even though he spent some money on charges for using d**g and abusing, he still has a lot of money. Most of this money has been accumulated through the deals and contracts that he has in Hollywood and all are music-related. He has made his name in the world of music, and his producing and managing a business is also very fruitful and he worked with some of the greatest names on the scene. He is also very good at discovering young talents. We should not forget that most of the money comes from the company that he founded and that is a very known music studio.

This guy has made it. He came all the way from the problematic youth to a man that knows how things are done in show business. He is recognized not only as being a reality star but also as a very good businessman.

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