Is It Possible to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

It is possible to lose weight without dieting, as you have seen from various fad diets, you will lose weight very quickly, but once you stop you regain it again. Because these diets leave you hungry the whole day, so when it gets to your cheat day, you binge on all you have been craving. And this is how you regain that weight you lost so quickly. The best way to keep the pounds off is to lose them slowly, and you can do this without getting into a diet.

You need to do everything in moderation, read through the following rules to help you lose weight without getting on a diet.

You need to control your portion


Shedding off the extra weight doesn’t mean starving yourself and staying clear of your favorite meals. You just need to reduce the intake of your favorite carbs and control the size of your portions. And when you are eating, try and chew your food a little longer before you swallow, the slower you eat, the better because it gives your body time to realize it is full. Also, try to use smaller plates when you’re eating it helps with portion control. We all get tempted by the size and variety of food on the buffet, but smaller plates help control the amount of food intake.

Try to eat at the same time every day


You need to establish an eating routine that will more or less be the same every time. Your aim is to avoid being hungry because as soon as hunger strikes you, the losing weight plan goes to waste. Pick the most convenient time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and stick to it. Having too much time in between the meals is not a good idea. So, eat less of portions, but make them more frequent, like every 4 to 5 hours. There will be days when you won’t be able to stick to the schedule, but don’t judge yourself. Eat as soon as you get the chance and get back on track the following day.

Avoid eating during the night


A great suggestion is to stick to the sun cycle. There’s a theory, that’s proven to work in many cases, that our body stops digesting food when the sunsets. In other words, at night. Most of the organs at that time are resting, therefore whatever you eat then stays inside of you until the sun rises again. This is also not healthy, because the food should be digested in a maximum of 6 hours. Following the sun cycle will get you at least 12 hours of fasting. Enough for the body to digest everything from the day before, and start fresh.

This is really important for the organs such as the pancreas, which gets into action as soon as you put something in your mouth. Your pancreas deserves to rest, and it will if you practice fasting during the night. If there are times you can’t stick to the sun cycle, then just start fasting whenever you can and make sure it’s at least 12 hours. This way, you get to eat whatever you want.

Drink lots of water


Water keeps you hydrated and offers you fantastic health benefits, at the same time might help in shedding a few pounds. When you feel hungry in the middle of the day first take a glass of water instead of an unhealthy quick fix. There is a chance you are thirsty instead of hungry. In fact, it happens very often that the hunger we feel is simply fixed by a glass of water (preferably warm). A good thing to practice is to drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up.

Eat more protein


Protein dense foods have been known to make you feel fuller for longer, thus reducing the hunger pangs throughout the day. As a result, this helps you eat fewer calories in a day. Maybe start your day with a protein-rich meal like eggs instead of a grain-based breakfast. Other protein-rich foods you can explore are fish, chicken breast, lentils, Greek yogurt, almonds, and maybe some quinoa. When these are not accessible, practice having a small package of almonds inside your bag. Eating a couple of them will satisfy the hunger and compensate for your daily protein need.

Eat more fiber-rich foods


These types of foods will also make you feel fuller for longer, and this is the viscous fiber, it is only found in plant-based foods. It is the likes of oat cereals, beans, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, flax seeds, oranges. These have been known to reduce appetite and your food intake throughout the day because the fiber forms some gel that will slow down digestion in your stomach.

Avoid sugary drinks


We all know sugary drinks is our enemy for a healthy lifestyle as it increases the risk of many diseases and weight gain. A single glass of soda offers excess calories because liquid calories don’t make you feel full as your brain does not register liquid calories, you will keep gulping more and end up eating a lot. How about replacing this with a glass of water, green tea, or coffee. Tea and coffee should be without sugar, of course.

Try and sleep on it


Did you know when you actually do less it increases your chances of shedding the extra pounds? When you sleep for longer hours, it keeps you from eating at the same time; it gives your body the needed time to recover and perform well at the gym. And if you don’t put in the hours for enough snoozing it actually makes you hungrier, so try to get the rest your body needs it.


Striking a balance with the meals you consume in a day goes a long way in weight loss. It is not about restricting yourself and starving because of these fad diets. Have a healthy balanced meal, a small workout in a day, and adding some multivitamins will help in the long run of attaining your body goals.

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