Does Your Linear Actuator Miss a Remote Control? Here Is How to Choose and Install It

Now, you have installed a lift system to make the best height adjustable desk. Or maybe you have built a new TV lift? Or you are happy to start working on a new automation project in a huge enterprise?

Whatever you want to use a special actuator system for, you need a remote control. if you still believe that remote control is a device that looks like the one for your new TV set, you are mistaken. There are different remote-control types, and you need to know at least the main variants to be able to choose a proper option. For example here, you can find the most used of them. And below, you can check short information about them to make your choice quickly.

The Best Foot Remote Controls


With a foot remote control, you can manage a single actuator or multiple actuators while leaving your hands free for other operations. Normally, they are made as a foot pedal. These types of controls are used to manage the functions typical to a specific workflow. They facilitate workflow management. They are widely used in places where accidents are frequent:

  • Semi-automated factories;
  • Automated assembly lines, and similar.

These controls allow stopping the entire plant almost instantly, thus, preventing an accident.

How to Choose a Foot Remote Control


When selecting such a control type, make sure you understand what requirements it shall comply with. The most common of them are the following:

  • In most cases, we speak about the installation in the dusty environment of a manufacturing facility. Sometimes, a high humidity level might be present. Thus, consider a proper IP rating for your control. Usually, it is recommended to choose a control that is at least waterproof.
  • Consider the number of actuators that need to be managed. Some controls can handle multiple actuators while others can manage just 1-2 of the items.
  • Do you need it to have a bidirectional functionality or one-directional is ok? It depends on the installation.
  • Warranty: Some manufacturers offer more than one year of warranty. This is a benefit you cannot ignore.

Foot remote actuators are normally used in plants. Thus, the installation shall be performed by a specialist provided by the actuator manufacturer.

Table Mount Remote Controls for Actuators


Table mount remote controls are applied to facilitate the management of your actuator system. When choosing a table remote control, consider the following features:

  • Do you need a one-directional or two-directional control?
  • Depending on your application place, you might consider different IP rating values.
  • Do you want to use it in a factory, or you are looking for an option for your home? Depending on it, you can choose the best design.

It is recommended to buy table mount remote controls from the same company where you have purchased the actuators. Then, your remote control will be a plug-and-play device. It means, no specific setup is needed. You install it and that is it. Normally, such remote controls can be supplied in a set with the actuator system.

How to Choose a Hand Remote Control


Select a hand remote that can be synced with the control box of your linear actuator. It is recommended to buy control produced by the same company as the actuator you need it for. A typical hand remote control has the functionality:

  • Up;
  • Down;

Though it might vary depending on the application and the manufacturer.

If you buy actuators and remote control from the same manufacturer, no special setup is needed.

Smart Control of Linear Actuator with an App


The leading actuator manufacturers have moved to a different control level of actuators. You can install a special app on your mobile device and control the devices from the app. Here, you need to set up your app for the actuators that you need to control.

If you prefer this option, choose a manufacturer that has a special app. Do not forget to check the following:

  • How many actuators you can control with the app. The number shall be enough to cover your needs. A good app will allow you to control actuators all together or separately.
  • The compatibility with mobile devices: the more devices it supports, the better it is. Usually, those are Android and iOS smartphones and tablets;
  • It shall be easy-to-use. The user interface shall be intuitive and easy-to-understand;
  • Check what is the time delay for each actuator. The shorter it is, the better;
  • The number of movements you can set up and save. Again, the more movements you can program and control, the better it is.

The app is delivered with an app compatible control box. It can work either from batteries or directly from a power source. Usually, all the requirements are indicated in a special User Manual. Make sure to follow them.

Such an app can be a perfect option to control your home and garage doors, windows, cabinets, or whatever. You can even set up several devices to control them with one app. Just make sure they are all connected to the same network.

Final Thoughts

A remote-control option is an integral part of any automation project in a plant or a house. It allows you to control the movement of linear actuators from a distance and thus, facilitate their management significantly.

It is recommended to consider all the requirements of the installation and purchase a remote control based on these requirements. A professional consultant of the manufacturing company will advise you on the most optimal solutions for your specific case. Usually, remote controls are offered in a set with specific actuator systems. If you are buying a remote control separately, check whether it is compatible with your actuator system.

And if you want to automate your home, the best idea nowadays is to choose the items that can be controlled from an app. It will give you the maximum flexibility level and comfort.

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