The Legal Industry and Types of Lawyers in UAE

Let’s discuss about the types of Lawyers in UAE. We will refer them here as advocates. In Dubai, there are two types of advocates. The First UAE National Advocates and others are from other countries. Because the official language is kept Arabic, therefore lawyers have to be good in Arabic as writing, reading, listening, speaking as well as understanding. However in Arbitration, it is not necessary. You just need to be good in English language.

Advocates in Dubai can represent clients in the courts, judicial authorities, security divisions, and conciliation tribunals and can offer the same services as legal consultations. These Lawyers in Dubai and UAE, have to be locals. Local means UAE National Lawyers. Under specific conditions, a lawyer with citizenship from one of the other members of the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council may get a license to practice law and appear in Dubai courts.

The Ministry of Justice, as well as the Emirati Diwan in the other Emirates, must provide practicing attorneys a license before they are allowed to represent clients in federal courts. In the UAE, only licensed attorneys are permitted to offer legal services. MOJ license is sufficient for all the Emirates except DUBAI, RAK and Abu Dhabi. For latest details please consult UAE Based Lawyers in Dubai by Top Law Firms in Dubai. Local Attorneys must be in order to receive a practicing certificate if they have:

  •   Have UAE Citizenship
  •   Age 21 or More.
  •   Having a Degree from an Approved University
  •   Have completed at least one year of continuous, Hands-on Legal Training

Court System and Law


The law in the United Arab Emirates is mostly Civil Law. Common Law concepts like using earlier court rulings. Secular courts handle criminal, civil, and business problems in all emirates, while Islamic courts handle family and religious conflicts. Dubai’s Legal System is divided into three phases:

  • First Instance Court
  • Appeal Court
  • Cassation Court

The Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC), one of the “Free Zones” in the United Arab Emirates, has its own laws for conducting legal business.

Legal Help and Legal Consultation


For legal help and consultation, we recommend to hire most experienced Lawyers and Legal Consultants. The best part is to search a law firm with good reputation and good name in the market. Here, the seekers, can find the best services because of many reasons as follows:

  • Management
  • Emirati and Experienced Staff
  • Top Advocates and Legal Consultants
  • Professional and Smart Paralegals for Legal Support
  • Quick Support
  • Honest and Professional Work Approach
  • Support and Service

These key points seem to be very ordinary but a good organization and its operational hierarchy always resolve around these points. Therefore it is recommended to look for a good law firm. It means a professional and quality law company will always have the best staff to work with. Nowadays it is also not difficult to find good law firms. Modern and advanced technology has made it very easier.

Making Efficacy as Your Work Norm


The field of law involves a lot of hard work, time, and effort and skill development to achieve professional success. Moreover, an innovative work approach and an ingenious method of client handling ensures a solid professional presence for a long period. In addition to it, aspiring lawyers should be mentally prepared for long work hours and handling multiple legal assignments efficiently and completing them within the stipulated period. In addition to it, lawyers need to maintain their composure while working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines.

However, this is not just a one-day game. Competent lawyers make efficiency, and time manageability as their work norm. It is not just a way of work, it is an attitude towards your work.

Moreover, such law professionals become excellent multitaskers without compromising on their quality of legal service. Furthermore, multitasking helps you in achieving your financial goals. Law experts who focus on their efficiency and quality regarding the work output get multiple legal assignments. Subsequently, the law professional has to manage a number of case files to advance his monetary aims and professional ambitions.

It is next to nature for a reputed and acclaimed lawyer to have a large client base. However, it is not an easy-to-acquire achievement. He is able to attain this in-demand status due to his hard work, exceptional law talent, efficacious work norms, and a client-centric service approach.

However, this status also requires proper planning, efficient execution, and constant improvement. Client feedback is one of the most useful ways to determine one’s standing as a law expert. Moreover, this feedback gives an idea regarding the future standing of the law expert and lays down the foundation of their successful, or failed legal career. Professional success and failure is attributed to many factors that can be both intrinsic and extrinsic.

However, a passion for your profession and the will to excel in your field of interest can turn the tables for any legal solicitor. The key factor is to stay honest and dedicated towards your job commitments, societal responsibilities, and individual values. Ultimately, this perseverance leads the professional towards success, fame, gain, and respect. However, not every individual gets to taste it unless he gives his hundred percent to the craft he is best at.

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