10 Benefits of Keeping Up with Regular Auto Repair Services

Your car is probably the second largest investment in your life, right behind your home. It is only logical then to pay attention to it and take it to the shop for regular service. Yet, so many people neglect this and end up with a car that is either not safe or not reliable or both, just because they were too lazy to maintain it properly.

There are several procedures that every car manufacturer recommends for regular checkups. The first is the oil change. At least once a year, or upon a set number of miles, the engine must be fully drained of oil and a new one poured in. After a certain amount of time, oil starts to lose its properties and your engine won’t be properly lubricated, which can lead to some serious, not to mention expensive, problems down the road.

Another part of a regular checkup is filer changes. Depending on the model, each car has several filters that need to be changed regularly. The oil filter should be changed with each oil change. It will ensure that particles and accumulated dirt from the old filter don’t contaminate new oil. Fuel filters prevent any unwanted particles from your fuel tank entering your fuel system, potentially clogging the lines. The air filter will help your air conditioning system work properly and eliminate any smells from entering the cabin.

The cooling liquid should also be changed at least once a year. This is especially important in colder climates during the winter. After a while, the antifreeze will start losing its properties and you don’t want it freezing inside your engine on a particularly cold night. Cracked engine block in no way to start your day.

The interval of regular auto service will depend on the model of your car. Every manufacturer will state how often it needs to be done. Most experts agree that once a year is a maximum time you can get away with it. If you are driving a lot, then this interval will depend on the miles you make. So if you’re looking for auto care that is friendly and reliable, look no further than the professional choice here at Adams Automotive from Houston TX. They have ASE certified mechanics who are highly experienced in repairing and servicing.

Increased Safety


As far as reasons for regularly maintaining your car go, safety is pretty high on the list. After all, a vehicle you use to drive your family in must be as safe as possible. There are numerous systems on the car that can suffer a critical failure and endanger you, your passengers, and everyone around you. Proper maintenance will prevent this from happening and nip any potential problems in the bud.  Active systems, like breaks, must be inspected at least once a year and worn our parts, like pads, replaced. Passive systems shouldn’t be neglected either. Fortunately, most new cars have self-diagnostic tools that will alert you if anything needs your attention.

Better Car Performance


Regular maintenance will prevent any problems that can slow or cause your car to not work properly. Regular visits to the shop will make sure that your car always gives you its maximum, providing you with a smooth ride.

Preventing Failures


How many times have you seen a driver on the road, stranded by a malfunctioning vehicle? The first thought that usually comes to mind in such a situation is feeling grateful it isn’t you. The truth is that most, if not all, similar breaks can be avoided by regular maintenance. Even the smallest part breaking, like a spark plug or tire valve, can leave on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck or guys from to come and pick you up. When that happens, it will become painfully obvious just how little effort on your part could have prevented it from happening. Needless to say, by then it will be too late. At least some people can learn from their mistakes and will take any step necessary to avoid such situations in the future.

Improved Fuel Efficiency


With fuel prices being what they are and showing no sign of being cheaper any time soon, fuel efficiency is of utmost importance. The best way to keep it low, or as low as your car can get, is to have regular service performed on them. Not only it will save you some money, but your car will run better.

Reducing Pollution


This is closely related to the fuel efficiency, but also wear and tear of various parts. Increased fuel efficiency will reduce the number of harmful gasses your car produces while it runs. Also, as various parts get worn down, more energy is needed to get the car moving, increasing the amount of fuel you spend, and increasing pollution. If you care about the environment and want to do your part to protect it, regularly servicing your car is one of the best ways to do it.

Prolonging Your Car’s Life


Cars that undergo regular maintenance will serve their owners longer than cars that don’t. This is a well-established fact, yet somehow people seem to be completely oblivious to it. A car is a system and parts within it affect each other. If one fails, it will cause others to take over the load or excessively wear them down. But if everything is in tip-top shape, your car will happily sing along, serving you for a long time.

Reduce Maintenance Cost


This one is a bit counter-intuitive. How can regular checkups be cheaper, when they cost money for both parts and service? The answer is simple. Poorly maintained cars will suffer far more major breaks that cost a lot more than regular service. During the lifespan of a car, these expenses add up and will undoubtedly overcome the costs of regular checkups.

Creating A Paper Trail of Maintenance Records


One of the first things any prospective buyer of a used car wants to see is the maintenance record. This will show them how often the car underwent regular service or if there were any serious issues with it. Many will give up on the car as soon as they spot any large or unexplained gaps. After all, nobody wants to buy a car that went years without a simple oil change or other critical services, and it is easy to understand why. They will be only buying trouble for themselves. Well-kept maintenance records will demonstrate to them that the car was properly maintained and there are no hidden issues with it.

Increased Resale Value


Regular service will not only make your car run well, but it will also make them look better. If you take care of all small dents and scratches that happen during the regular exploitation, your car will appear in much better shape. These things can be important to any potential buyer and you will be able to ask for a better price.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most important thing regular service buys you is the peace of mind. Knowing that you can sit in your car and drive it anywhere without worrying that something will happen or that it will leave you on the side of the road is an incredibly satisfying feeling. This is especially important if you have a family. Knowing that your kids are safe in your care is a sentiment that doesn’t have a price. Everything you pay for regular service is just small change compared to that.

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