How to Use iPads for Your Event

Your event is only as good as the people who attend it. That’s why if you’re looking to grow, maintain attendance, and increase retention rates at your event; you should be trying to implement iPads into your marketing strategy. By providing iPads at their booths, companies can collect emails and instant messages from those attending the event in order to market to them after the event has ended.

Why iPads?

iPads function as mini computers. They allow users to download apps, play games, watch movies and TV shows, and listen to music. This versatility allows them to be universally used for almost any industry in today’s market. In addition, iPads never need to be charged because they run on built-in batteries that can last for days at a time. Because of these reasons and many more, iPads are the perfect device for trade shows or any other event where you wish to gather email addresses from their attendees.

Ways to Use iPads at Your Next Event


1. Draw a Crowd With an iPad Jeopardy Wall

This game is a classic that people have been playing with iPads for years. Set up an iPad Jeopardy Wall at your next trade show or conference. Ask everyone to bring their iPads and play the game until they reach the home run symbol on the wall. If you set up a wireless keyboard, you can draw a crowd by asking everyone to type their answers into the iPad. This game can be played in big groups or small groups. An alternative to this game is the trivia game, where the contestants are given a choice of iPad-based trivia questions. The first person to answer correctly wins.

2. Showcase Apps & Digital Signage on a Giant Itab

At some special events, you may have the opportunity to have a giant Itab. If this is the case, you should take advantage of this opportunity. An Arab is simply an iPad with an external monitor attached. You can place it anywhere you see fit or carry it around if your event allows it.

This will allow you to show off your apps, digital signage, or other branding material that you wish to showcase to potential customers. You can even have the Itab take pictures of people as they walk by. At the end of your event, you will have a collection of pictures that you can use for social media marketing in order to market to these people after the event has ended.

3. Execute Better Event Check-in & Registration


Event check-in and registration can be a pain until you use iPads. By making a design that resembles a check-in/check-out counter, you can have your attendees use an iPad to check in to the event as well as search for their names on the attendee list. This will allow you to keep track of everyone who is registered at your event, which will benefit your marketing efforts after the event has ended.

If you are holding an event such as a wedding or bachelor party, this method will work perfectly.

4. Design Custom Kiosks for Lead Capture & Surveys

If you have a specific brand, logo, or type of software that you wish to promote, creating custom kiosks for it is a great idea. This allows your brand the opportunity to be seen by the attendees who are waiting in line to check in and register. If they like what they see, they will be much more likely to select your company as their service provider.

If you’re looking for a way to gain more leads after an event has ended, take this opportunity.

5. Set up Mobile Point-Of-Sale (POS) Systems


If you don’t have a large enough budget to create an entire stall for your company, you can work with tablets to run a mobile POS system. This is basically a point-of-sale system where iPads are used on the cash register to manage sales. I would recommend that you come up with some sort of design and put some stickers on them. Mark up the sales tickets, so people know what they’re selling.

6. Incorporate Slide-Sharing and Live Audience Q&A

If you’re looking for a way to display products, services, or other visuals to your audience, consider using iPads. By taking large amounts of valuable data and creating a slide-sharing presentation, you can relay essential information to your prospective customers. This also gives you the opportunity to answer questions from an audience that is physically present at your trade show booth.

7. Go Paperless With a Mobile Event App

A mobile event app offers more to your trade show attendees than a standard paper program. An event app allows you to create an attendee list, collect email addresses, and your company website. This can reduce the number of paper products that you need to send out and transport for free.

8. Capture Fun Moments With a Mobile Photo Booth


If you’re looking to capture fun moments throughout an event, consider using iPads as a photo booth. This will allow you to display your company with a more relaxed image that is meant to be more casual and fun. This can promote your company in a more attractive way than if you were to use traditional promotional images for a booth.

9. Print Receipts, Badges & Labels

If you’re looking to promote your brand at a trade show, consider using iPads to print receipts, badges, and labels. This is a great way to present your company at events where you may not be able to post signage or banners. The iPad allows you to print whatever you’d like and place it on your product.

10. Incentivise Attendees With Gamification

If you’re looking for a fun way to attract several attendees to your event, consider using gamification. By incorporating some form of gameplay into your trade show booth, you can get the attention of new people who may never have attended an event before. This will help promote your company to people who are interested in attending but may not be so inclined when they receive the invitation from their friend.

These are great ways to use iPads at your next trade show or conference. If you’re working with a large budget, you can make a giant Itab that will draw crowds and be promoted after the event has ended. However, if you’re working with a limited budget, consider using an Apple iPad stand to serve as the main aspect of your booth’s branding and presentation.

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