6 Things to Have in Mind When inventing a New product

It is not easy to deal with brainstorming, prototype work and marketing, all for the purpose of creating the best possible new product. However, that is not the end. It is also very important to constantly upgrade your ideas until they are perfect, to constantly deal with assessments and be as objective as possible, etc. All this and more is necessary to establish that the product has everything you need to be on the market.

Of course, we must not forget the financial resources without which the idea cannot be realized. However, when you start from scratch, you need to dedicate 100% to each segment of this process. In order to make the best possible product that the market can hardly wait to receive, it is important to keep a few things in mind when making it.

1. Perform thorough research


When we tell you this, we primarily mean researching potential buyers and markets. This is very important to consider, to make sure you have explored every option that can benefit you when developing a product. This refers to analyzing the consumer from the point of view of the inventor who should examine the market before launching his product. Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether the conditions are good enough to achieve commercial success, and whether the idea is compatible with those conditions or not.

This refers to being the target audience, finding the need that the product should satisfy and the like. On the other hand, market research is necessary in order to be able to stand out. If you do this task well and make sure that there is no already realized idea like yours on the market. It would also be good to check if someone before you has tried the same idea which in the end turned out to be a bad choice.

2. Licensing the idea

First of all, you should not easily share your invention with everyone. This mainly refers to social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Each of these sites and many others contain a large number of people who will be very happy to copy your product and steal your invention. You certainly don’t want this to happen to you and so take good care of them. However, there is a way to protect yourself and that means you should apply for your patent and trademark. There is a certain amount of time you need to wait for your application to be approved, but that is only a few months.

Today, it is necessary to take all protection measures, because the Internet is full of people who are just waiting to steal something and develop a product that is not even theirs. And they even have the right to do so if you don’t properly protect your invention.

3. Selectivity


This refers to the choice of your associates. Whether it’s a joint project or you’ve decided to add some new people to your team, it’s important to approach this carefully. You know how to research the company you work with in detail. For example, check what her collaborations from the past were like, how much success she has made, what the comments are, etc. It is also important to choose carefully the people with whom you will share certain information, but our advice is to keep it to a minimum or keep it to yourself.

Information that is confidential should not be shared lightly before it becomes intellectual property. Be patient when it comes to this process, wait a few months and you will be much happier with the outcome and calmer. Of course, put yourself and your invention first and before you provide some technical information, ask an important thing from the person you are sharing this with. This applies to a non-disclosure agreement.

4. Professional help

No matter how much experience you have behind you when it comes to this job, you still need help. It would be wisest to look for experts like Invent Help to help you with a very important task, and not to rely solely on your abilities. If you still thinking do you need to hire experts, you should visit here and find out. They certainly have a lot more knowledge and experience, and that can only bring you better results.

Although you will have to set aside a certain amount of money to cover the costs of hiring help, believe us, this is a great investment. This is a necessary part of the development process, so consider this as something you need as well. The main advantage of cooperation with the designer is the successful realization. So a good idea is nothing unless it becomes an equally good or even better physical object.

5. Prototype


You should not skip this step, because this is the best way to test your idea. Take advantage of some of the fantastic services that will help you realize your thought as well as possible and release your prototype to the public. If your work proves to be profitable, marketable and valuable, you will surely feel better because you have finally received some feedback. The same thing is with that bad outcome, then you will know what you need to change and you will not waste your time and money on something that certainly has no future. So, test your invention in time.

6. Patent application

patent application – approved

Of course, it is important to protect your patent equally well. No matter which type you choose, you need to think about potential theft and take all the legal power that will prevent it. There is a difference when it comes to different patents, so it is good to consult with your lawyer about it, and with the help of, you will be maximally informed in this process so that your application is not in vain. Keep in mind that this will cost you a little more money, but you need to do everything in your power to keep the idea to yourself because it belongs only to you.


We are witnessing daily innovations that are the result of the hard work and great dedication of various inventors, entrepreneurs and many others. However, they could not cope with the whole process on their own, they needed help so you shouldn’t avoid getting help too.

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