Internet Security Measures For a Secure Online Experience

Cybercriminal activities cost around trillions of dollars in the past decade and with new telecommunications technologies just around the corner, the situation looks dire indeed. As a user of high-speed internet services, every sensible person should approach such utilities with extreme care. Reports have shown that a cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds and that 3 Americans become victims of such said crimes every year.

Nearly 230,000 malware is being introduced daily. A recent incident that involved one of the hacking events where a group called the “Mr. Smith Group” where they attempted to leak several episodes of Game Of Thrones Season until a bounty payment was paid. Hence precautions and safety tips have certainly become a necessity. In this post, you will be provided with some of the best and easiest ways to tackle the situation regarding the threats from cybercriminals. Let’s look at certain practices and tips to stay safe online:

Stay Clear of Dubious Links


With social media boasting a tremendous figure of 3 billion users as of 2018, there is no doubt that you may have come across various links that are unclear in their description and intentions. One needs to stay clear of all such links no matter where they show up.

These might be residing in your email, social media, and office inbox. Be careful before falling for them, regardless of how sparkly and glittery they present themselves to be. A wise man once said: ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. We recommend that you stay clear of such actions that can land you in the dirt on the virtual plane. These links are designed by starving thieves who would just about go to any terms to get their dirty hands on your private and personal information.

Use Different Passwords

The online movement is buzzing with various platforms and portals for you to interact with. Whether you are into interacting with others for a professional reason or a personal one. However, the idea behind the golden rule for applying such mediums online is to make a strong and long password. Consider using upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols. Though this may sound hard but it is worth the effort. Nonetheless, you must also keep different passwords for different online accounts.

Now, this may sound like killing yourself but it definitely keeps you protected online. Even if one of your accounts gets hacked, then there is a high possibility that with different passwords the other accounts that you use are still safe. This will also give you time to recover your account. Also, this practice enhances the security measures for your other accounts as well.

Visit Safe & Authorized Websites Only


The Internet is an enormous globe on its own and literary finding its limitations is nearly impossible. There is just about everything you need which is present on the internet. However, before you go in search of your favorite items, you are recommended to use and visit only those websites that offer you strong confidence. They should enforce their privacy policy and are legally authorized. Websites that have https:// within their address offer you encryption features for all online activities. Want to know how to check website reputation in 2024? Check this blog and learn more about it!

Whereas websites without the ‘s’ at the end of ‘HTTP’ don’t and thus are quite liable to leaks and data hacks. Hackers and crackers use a malicious technique called phishing. Phishing techniques involve hackers and crackers to acquire information like bank account details, social media details, details regarding email addresses etc. they will send the target user with an email or message from an account that might appear to look like the authorized email address of a brand that you use and would ask you to give out some personal information.

You have to be attentive and sensible enough to understand that your bank or brand wouldn’t ask for your personal or account information. They already have that. So there is no need to give out such information via email in the first place. Ask your bank if you want to further verify the authenticity of this email yourself.

Keep Anti-Virus Programs Updated

There are tons of virus definitions being released daily. Hackers have a tough time getting what they want from you if your anti-spyware and anti-virus programs are up to date. This makes you and your computing devices protected from all such criminal activities.

In case a malicious activity occurs, you are notified about them on a prompt basis. This will help you keep a safe profile online and stay well clear of cyber-criminals online.

Consider Using Two-factor Authentication for Your Accounts


Sources reveal that around 80% of breaches can be minimized and even avoided by using a Two-factor Authentication. Wherever possible make sure that you use two-factor authentication methods. Websites that contain information regarding an individual’s financial or personal assets etc. provides users with this feature as an extra security measure. This requires users to confirm their identity before logging in to your account.

Some sites also send users a verification code via text message or a phone call. The user can continue operations on your account. The Two-factor authentications are a great way to avoid intrusions, hacking and cracking attempts and fraudulent logins.

You might find such login and other security measures to be time-consuming and too much for a task to respond to. These methods and measures help you get the ultimate security that you need. You can also ask for some internet security measures using your internet services helpline. If you are a Spectrum Internet user, you can dial in Spectrum cable customer service to get more updates and information on Spectrum Internet security features. You can find more details here.

Online safety should be your number one priority. Think about creating awareness reading the gravity of the situation. Help others stay safe online. Also, follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to ensure your own safety. Online security is something that you should consider thinking about on a serious note.

Law enforcement agencies consider mishandling of social media platforms as a serious offense. To avoid any kind of inconvenience or complications be very careful with your online profiles and information. This includes all the information that you have allowed other people added to your profile to view. This can become a serious threat to you and others around you.

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