How to Personalize Your Presents in 5 Steps

Shopping for gifts can be quite a fun pursuit. But it can also get overwhelming when you don’t know what to get a particular person on your list. If you buy something generic, the recipient is likely to get the same gift from several other friends. Or worse still, they might already have that item in their list of possessions. You may want to avoid such blunders by personalizing your gifts.

Personalized gifts mean a lot more to people than ordinary gifts. The recipient will feel appreciated and will cherish your kind gesture and concern toward them. For these reasons, consider the following tips on how to personalize your presents.

1. Give Your Friends The Liberty To Choose


Sometimes, you may find it hard to choose a specific gift for a friend. For instance, if you’ve been giving a loved one a specific perfume brand year after year, there may come a time when you feel like changing the brand. But you might not know how they’ll receive your suggestion of a different gift.

In such a case, you may want to send them a subscription box gift that contains a selection of different brands, including the one in contention. This way, they can choose their favorite without feeling pressured to use any particular brand. And this doesn’t only apply to perfumes. There are many other items you can give your friends through subscription boxes, including flowers, scented candles, stationery, shaving accessories, socks, gaming accessories, foods, drinks, books, and more.

If this interests you, feel free to check them out and find your perfect subscription. Your gift recipient will surely appreciate your open-mindedness and the liberty you give them to choose what they want.

2. Personalize It With Their Name


A person’s name carries a lot of power. The moment a child is named, the name becomes a tag that’ll forever be used to gain their attention. The parents are usually the first ones to use the name. Further on, relatives and close friends follow suit. That constant mentioning of the name becomes ingrained in the child’s brain. And by the time they get into their teenage years and adulthood, the mention of the name makes the owner feel special, especially if it’s done in the right tone.

You can capitalize on this fact and engrave various gifts with the recipient’s name. Think about keychains, bracelets, tumblers, chopping boards, necklaces, liquor bottles, travel cases, rings, wooden charger docks, wallets, and earrings. Story Jewellery is great place where you can find some special custom made rings as perfect gift.

Use a fancy but readable font that your friend will like. You can also decide to use their initials instead of their full name, especially if the engraving area of the gift isn’t big enough to accommodate many letters.

One famous company tried this trick with their product, and it became one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time. They put names on each bottle they sold, and their sales increased with this campaign due to its charming effect. By and by, several other companies copied the idea, further proving its success.

If a widely distributed product can be made special in this way, then it’s sure to have twice the effect for individual gifts specially chosen for your loved ones.

3. Reference Significant Dates


As your loved ones go through life, certain dates will come to mean a lot to them. These may include special events such as the following:

• Their date of birth
• College graduation day
• First date with their partner
• Engagement
• Wedding day
• Birth of their child

If you’re aware of any such dates in their lives that they like to remember fondly, you may want to celebrate it with them by referencing or engraving the date in the gifts you send them. For example, you could have your friend’s wedding date engraved on a piece of jewelry you’re giving as a wedding present. Or, if they’re making a big move to a different country, you could give them a gift that has the date you both met.

4. Consider Their Interests


You wouldn’t want to give your friend a present they don’t relate to at all. So, make a point of aligning your gifts with their unique interests or hobbies. Take the example of a friend who’s really into making music. If you know that they just bought a nice acoustic guitar, consider buying them guitar-related accessories, such as guitar picks, capo, strap, clip-on tuner, or string lubricant.

Doing this will send a strong message that you admire their interests and are willing to support them. That’s what good friendship entails. Additionally, you may want to avoid sending gifts meant to influence your friends to adopt interests they don’t love in the first place.

Here are some more ideas you could consider:

• Camping gear for outdoor enthusiasts
• Kitchen cooking set for adventurous eaters
Club-specific necklaces for bikers
• Gardening tool set for gardeners
• Gym equipment for fitness devotees
• Traveler’s carryall for those who love road trips

5. Put It In Your Own Handwriting


If you have a custom message for your friend that you’d like to include in the gift, consider handwriting it yourself instead of typing it out. Typefaces are all too common and can sometimes feel very generic. They might not drive the message home as well as you would have liked, and the recipient may even assume it’s a message that you copied and pasted from some online source.

If you take the time to write it by hand, your message will have a significant touch of uniqueness. Just as you took your good time writing letter by letter, your friend will spend time reading each word and internalizing your message. This will result in them having a genuine appreciation for your present.

Here are a few handwritten gifts you could give:

• Tea towels with handwritten recipes
• A handwritten family tree on canvas
• Recipe cards
Thank-you notes and cards


With the ideas above, you can give out personalized presents and show your genuine care. Your gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive or out of this world. Even just common everyday items will do. But by personalizing them, you add a bit of thoughtfulness into your gift, and that makes a big difference.

The recipients of your presents don’t want to feel that you got their gift at the last moment while you were in a rush. They want the assurance that you took your time to choose something special for them. So, follow the above tips on personalizing your presents so you can create a lasting impression with them.

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