How to Find Models on Onlyfans?

OnlyFans is a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram, but unlike these, users of OnlyFans can charge money for the content they offer there. The platform is not financed by advertising, but by its users. OnlyFans keeps 20 per cent of the prices charged for content.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans allows its users to post paid content. As a creator, you create a public profile like on Facebook. Again, unlike Facebook, OnlyFans does not provide a search function. To view the public profile, you have to have a link or know the creator‘s name. One can therefore provide content and make the corresponding link available only to selected customers.

Creators are mainly free in designing the content. Photos, videos and also livestreams are among the most frequently offered content.

Consumers need the name of the creator in order to view the profile. There are several ways to find these names. Among others, there are third-party providers such as hubite, which provide corresponding search options.

Once you have access to a profile, you can subscribe to it. As a rule, the owner of the profile will charge a subscription fee for this, instead of allowing you to follow the profile with just one click, as on other platforms. It is then also intended that one can communicate via generally visible comments and via private messages. As a subscriber, one is counted among the fans to whom the name of the platform refers to.

Paid content

Several options are open to the owner of a profile for charging for content. One can give subscribers the option of making a voluntary donation. It is also possible to charge a certain price for individual content such as pictures or videos. Finally, there is also a subscription fee, which can be charged for all offers of a profile and which is charged monthly. Here, one can offer a discount to subscribers for longer subscriptions or as a short-term marketing campaign.

OnlyFans encourages its users to access the content provided only through its platform. There is no option on the website to save the content. However, since the data has to be downloaded to the user’s device and is therefore stored there in whatever form, there are definitely technical workarounds.

History and origin of OnlyFans


The platform OnlyFans has been online since 2016. It is operated by Fenix International Ltd, a company based in London. OnlyFans offers content such as music, art, tutorials and appeals for donations. Photos and videos of erotic nature are a mainstay.

Is OnlyFans anonymous?

Unlike platforms like Facebook or Instagram, OnlyFans does not offer a search function to find other users. In this sense, the platform is anonymous because a user name is required to access a profile and this can only be passed on by the provider to its target customers.

However, OnlyFans handles anonymity very differently depending on the type of use. For many creators, the platform is a way to offer paid content. To generate as many subscribers as possible, they publish their OnlyFans username on all their publicly accessible channels.

There are third-party search providers on OnlyFans, which can be used to navigate the OnlyFans user universe.

How to find models with a free trial?


OnlyFans does not directly offer a function for this, because that would also represent a search function. This gap in the market is at least partly filled by third-party providers, because there is sufficient interest for a search option on OnlyFans.

There are also other providers. In the searches, one finds accounts with free trials and accounts that allow free access per se.

The search service OnlyFinder, for example, allows the search for lower and upper limits of the charged costs. This makes it possible to search for free accounts at a free rate, so to speak. The provider OnlySearch has a simple operation with a search mask similar to that of Google.

A search on OnlyFans is also possible via Reddit and Tiktok. TikTok, however, does not allow the hashtag OnlyFans. Fans have naturally found a way around this restriction, however, and therefore the hashtag accountantsoftiktok has become established for a search among OnlyFans accounts on TikTok. Another stealth hashtag is the much clearer onlyfansgirl.

Which celebrities use OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is suitable for celebrities to complement their activities in social media. Through OnlyFans, as the name of the platform suggests, they can offer additional content only for their special fans, even for a fee, and get in closer contact with these fans.

Celebrities who offer this make it as easy as possible for their fans to find their OnlyFans profile. For example, they share a corresponding link on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

The OnlyFans search services already mentioned allow people to search for accounts with high popularity. This way, celebrities can easily be found on OnlyFans. The following celebrities are popular examples:

• Chris Salvatore. As an actor, singer and model, he is a typical OnlyFans user.
• Bella Thorne. She is one of the most famous creators on OnlyFans. Her influence is so great that she was able to influence the behaviour of the platform’s provider with her pricing policy. She initially priced her content at 200 US dollars, after which the platform OnlyFans limited the maximum fee to 50 dollars.
• Tana Mongeau. Her profile is special on OnlyFans because it can be subscribed to for free.
• Tyga and Cardi B. These two creators are rappers, many of whom can also be found on OnlyFans.
• Daniel Newman. He is not only a star on OnlyFans, but is known as an actor from the series Walking Dead.

Use by celebrities can also be quite surprising. Four Viennese museums opened a joint account on OnlyFans in October 2024 and published photos of artworks on it that had been blocked from free platforms like Facebook because of nudity. So it is by no means defined in a universally accepted way what should and should not be classified as pornographic. OnlyFans allows for a more open discussion on this topic than many other platforms.

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