How to Clean Shungite and Why Should it be Done Regularly?

Shungite features


The mineral has established itself as a means of effectively purifying drinking water and helping to cure a variety of diseases. At the end of the last century, it began to be used in the production of various types of water filters.

How and where is it mined?


The stone is mined in one place – near Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia, located in northwestern Russia. Only the breed extracted at this site has medicinal properties. This is confirmed by the fact that the water in Lake Onega is crystal clear and can be safely drunk. Shungite disinfects it and makes it suitable for drinking.

There are 4 deposits in Karelia, but only one is developing – Zazhoginskoye. It produces high-quality minerals, suitable for the production of jewelry and products.

We drink water when we are thirsty or we follow the rule to drink at least 2 liters a day. For taste and health, it is advisable to add various additional ingredients to the water: ginger, lemon, honey. But the most extravagant is the addition of insoluble substances to the liquid – silver beads and black cubes or pyramids, which are attributed with almost magical properties. These black cubes are shungite, a stone more than 2 billion years old.

It is an ancient black rock. It is not possible to establish her exact age. According to rough estimates of researchers, it is more than two billion years. Shungite contains 30% ash and 70% carbon.

The stone is distinguished by its high strength, density, and has unique chemical and physical properties. It is highly resistant to external influences, conducts electricity well, and reflects electromagnetic waves. It contains more than 20 trace elements useful for human health.

One of the main questions of those who have never used it before is shungite how to clean. There is a simple way of how to cleanse shungite. It must be rinsed under the tap. If the stones are very small, a sieve or colander will come to the rescue. It is necessary to wash them for a long time and thoroughly until the flowing liquid turns out to be transparent. Particularly large samples should be first cleaned with sandpaper, so it will be possible to extend their validity. Any suitable container is suitable for making the infusion. However, it is better to use glass containers, it will not affect the quality characteristics of the contents to be cleaned.

How to rinse shungite correctly?


Most sources say that it is enough just to hold the stone under running water for a while. However, one should not forget that the quality of the water that you will receive in the end depends on how well the stone is washed. If you treat the washing procedure irresponsibly, the water will be cloudy, there will be many undesirable impurities and sediment in it. To avoid this, you should remember a few simple rules on how to clean shungite crystals.

Some experts believe that the only correct method for washing shungite is as follows in practice. First, a crumb of stone is washed under ordinary running water. There is no need to soak shungite overnight or boil it. It is used to purify water, so it’s already constantly in the water. It is enough to just rinse it once a week under running water and put it in the fresh air, preferably in sunlight for a couple of hours. If shungite is used for water purification, then after 6 months it must be replaced, because it absorbs water pollutants. Later it can be used for plants or protection against EMF.

There is another important aspect that many do not take into account. With regular use, shungite can darken, sometimes brown spots appear on it. Over time, the stone loses its useful properties and requires replacement. However, shungite life can be extended if it is washed once a week with a soda solution. This is done in the same way as during the first washing, and as a result of such procedures, shungite will be able to last an order of magnitude longer.

It is important to remember that even multiple rinsing will not help if the problem lies with the stone itself. Low-quality or fake shungite will never allow you to prepare high-quality water – there will always be sediment and various impurities in it.

An answer to the question do you need to clear shungite is positive. It must be cleaned to produce the best quality of water.

Seize the power of shungite


Shungite can be used in three basic ways:

Wear jewelry with shungite or just put one piece of it in your pocket;

Arrange pieces of shungite around your home or workplace;

Drink shungite water or apply it topically.

With all the listed benefits of shungite, keep in mind that the action of EMP is cumulative. Even with shungite, don’t expose yourself too much and use modern technologies wisely. Take other prevention measures:

Do not hold the mobile phone close to your head and move as far away as possible from devices that emit EMP;

Limit the use of mobile phones to areas where the signal is strong because phones in areas with a weak signal consume more energy and therefore radiate more;

When not in use, turn off your phone and Wi-Fi router;

Turn off all appliances in the bedroom;

Consider whether you can turn off wireless access completely and use wired cables instead;

Do not allow small children to use mobile phones;

Sweeten your life with shungite!

Final thoughts

Based on the above, we can say that Shungite water has many undeniable benefits that can be used in conjunction with other natural healing agents, depending on precautions and common sense. Here you can remember the ancient truth: “It doesn’t matter what color a cat is if it catches mice well.”

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