How Escorting Can Improve Your Life

There is no denying that escort has got a bad rap in many countries across the world. We asked some of the leading experts about being an escort and how it can improve and help their lives in ways we could never imagine. Sex work dates back thousands of years and it has been the one industry that has stuck through good and bad in all the times that humans walked this earth. But if it has stuck around so long then why has it got such a bad rap say escort expert from Skissr?

Well, this comes down to religion and that it was deemed a sin to do sex work, quite strange that being said as there were even records of sex work in the bible. With it being around so long there should be no surprise that it has improved people’s lives in ways we can even begin to imagine. With every good, there are bad, that’s normal in life but we think that the benefits certainly outweigh the bad parts. So let us get stuck in and find out why we think being a female escort can improve your life.

Women are more independent


It was not so long ago that women could not drive cars, or open a bank account or could they have many of the benefits that men had in life. They were treated like second-class citizens and usually stayed at home to do the daily chores rather than feed themselves. Sex work has given women more freedom to be able to go and control their own lives, earn their own money and fend for themselves. Being less reliant on men gives them more independence to live their lives without any constraints. A strong woman is a happy woman and we need more power girls who are out to help and support women’s rights of being given equal rights and opportunities. Escorts can help stand against this treatment and further the voice in equal rights.

You can learn how to run a business


Being an independent escort ( this is where you work for yourself and do not belong to any escort agencies or brothels ) teaches you how to run and manage a full function business. When you work as an escort no one is going to help you decide what type of photos you should post, no one is going to write your profile or help you sort out designs and prices. All this has to be done for yourself, by yourself. It might seem hard at the start but once you become good at advertising, dealing with customers, taking payments and sorting out all your taxes this knowledge will become very valuable later in life as the same business structure can be applied to other self-employed rules such as being a photographer, painter or even selling clothes. Sorting out your taxes, advertising and dealing with customers are skills that every business has to do on a day-to-day basis.

Help with mental health


Mental health is something that everyone suffers from time to time. We live in a big busy world full of social media says the expert from Skissr. It’s a life where we see things not as they are, but for how they want to be perceived which is a skewed sense of reality. Being an escort allows you to meet people from all walks of life and share stories. Listening to other people and sharing your stories allows us to connect more and better on a more human level. Finding an understanding in a genuine not fake way is better for our mental health.

Escorts get to travel


Being an escort gives you the amazing opportunity to meet people as we mentioned, but the best part of meeting people is when you get the chance to other cities or other countries if you meet the right people. Some escorts get to travel worldwide for free. Seeing new cities, and places to enrich your heart and your should Have some drinks under the Eiffel tower, walk across the London bridge or spend some time diving in the rich blue water of the Indian Ocean in the Maldives. Traveling riches the soul and being an escort is the best way to do this for free.

You earn more money


People say that money does not make you happy, and while this is directly true says ‘Amy Penny’ it is also indirectly not true she explains. Yes, money is not the answer to everyone’s last problem, and money can not solve all your problems but it really can make your life easier and make those problems not so big. There is a saying that goes money doesn’t make you happy saying all the people with no money. Being an escort allows you not to have to worry about those electric bills, you can drive a nice car, buy the expensive brands that you want, and take days off when you dancy it. Yes, those things certainly do not make you happy if you look at them independently, but when you look at them together and group all the little things that money does then you will soon come to see that all the little bits add up to make a big difference, and having those extra few notes sitting there can make a big difference to your life.


If you are thinking about becoming an escort she says that it is something that you need to be serious about, joining the industry is a hard game and not one that should be done without proper planning if you wish to be successful. If you plan it well, work hard and find you are nice then you culd become very successful and it really could enrich your life socially, financially and emotionally. Don’t forget to make friends, be nice, help others and good things will come your way explain Amy professional escort amy.

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