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Home Improvement Initiatives For 2024

Homeowners are generally always looking for different home improvements they can make to ensure that not only their home is a cozy and comfortable place but also to maintain value (and potentially increase). When some people think of home improvements, they immediately think of massive projects, mess and lots of expenditure; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. Many home improvement projects are simple to complete, have the minimum mess, and don’t cost a lot of money. Some people may decide to tackle some of these, and others may choose to call in support of the tradesmen or experts. Below we have an example of some simple but also some larger home improvement projects you could consider for 2024.

Garage Conversion

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We will start with a project that is large but one that could make a massive difference to your home. If you have a garage connected to your home, do you park your car in it? There are not a lot of people that store their motor vehicles in the garage. Usually, you will find that the parking is full of items that you are looking to save. Sometimes, it can be the place to put a lot of junk that you may not wish to throw out. If you think about changing the garage to an additional room, then the dilemma you would have is where to store all these items. A garden hut in the garden area could be considered as an alternative to a lot of these things.

To convert the garage, you are talking a lot of preparation work. Depending on what type of room you are looking to make, it will determine a lot of decisions. Some people convert their garage to a games room or cinema room rather than the standard dining room or additional bedroom.

Considerations should also include flooring. Are you going for laminate wood flooring or looking to place carpets. The original flooring in a garage usually is concrete; therefore, whether you are going for the wooden flooring or carpets, you will need to consider the right level of underlay to ensure optimum quality.

The overall result of a garage conversion (if completed to a good quality standard) could lead to a pretty steep rise of your home property, especially if you consider laminate flooring.

Driveway Installation

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Depending on where your house is, parking spaces may be limited, and having your driveway allows hassle-free storage of the car. This is also a big plus for insurance companies who look favorably at people who store their cars off the road and can save them money on their annual premium. Many kinds of driveways can be constructed, which include simple concrete or even mono-block. The complexity of the driveway will determine the amount of time and money, that requires to be spent on this. No matter what option you opt to go for, you need to consider the preparation that is needed. This is individually significant for driveway installation as there is nothing worse than laying a driveway for a year or two later, loads of weeds or grass to come through it and completely ruining the look.

In the UK, it is particularly important to consider if there is any approval required to complete this. Many people think that because they are building this in their property, then they can go ahead and finish it, this is not the case. With driveways, you are effectively asking people not to park in front of it, and this affects the public road which the local authorities own. As a result of this, people usually look to lower the pavement so the car can move into the driveway smoothly but also as a signal to others that they should not park there. The local authorities can reject this claim for several reasons, but the most common one is around objection from neighbors. Neighbors will be contacted by the local authorities when the application is made, but if they do place a complaint, they need to give good reasons for this. The council will consider this and make a final decision.

Build a Conservatory

People that have a lot of space from their back garden sometimes consider building a conservatory. These are extremely popular in more modern homes and can come from the back of the living room area or the kitchen in most cases. There is a misconception that this costs an arm and a leg, which is not entirely true. Depending on the size of the conservatory and the design will determine whether this is several thousand pounds to do or something significantly more.

When considering building this, you should find the potential reduction in garden space you will have but also if it will be used. For some people, this is more of a fad and like the thought of it. But when it is built, they do not make full use of it. In addition to this, it is crucial that you do not jump to the cheapest options as if it is not installed correctly (with things like double glazing), it can be a source of energy loss and affect the other areas of your house. You might want to consider your flooring carefully here and opt for a respected flooring company like

Finally, similar to the driveway, there will be occasions that permissions will be required to build this, therefore useful to find this out in advance, or it could land you in a bit of trouble, and you could be asked to deconstruct this.

Also, you can contact a staircase manufacturer that installs a staircase that looks very attractive at your home.


The projects listed above for consideration for 2024 may seem like significant projects, but they aren’t really. Generally, you will need external support to do these; however, none of these projects take a massive amount of time or effort. The implications of doing these could be a nifty rise in your home value instantly.

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