High RTP & Attractive Bonuses: What Are the Benefits of Online Slots?

The world of online gambling is a rich and diverse one, even more so than it initially seems to beginners who load up the front page of an online casino for the first time. The fact that there are hundreds of games to choose from at every single casino is not the true definition of how vast this industry has become. It has managed to establish itself as a wholly separate industry to regular casino gambling, one that is done offline in the real world. Gambling establishments and resorts are still going strong and they will continue to do so, but the average gambler these days does things on the internet, in the comfort of their favorite armchair right on their smartphone or computer.

New Times, New Fun

New technologies and spoils of the modern day and age have certainly elevated this hobby and pastime activity to new heights and there are now many things a gambler can do to increase their chance of winning. There is no denying that online casinos are more convenient than making your way to an establishment in your neighborhood, provided you even have one. However, the benefits of web-based gambling services hardly stop there, especially when it comes to the most popular game of all. For the longest time, the most played, common, and sought after type of gambling game has been the slot machine.


They Have Always Been Popular

Reaching all the way back to the Wild West times and gambling at saloons, the slot is the quickest, easiest, and one of the most fun things a person can do in terms of gambling. Well, the same is true today in the virtual world despite numerous changes to the overall gambling experience. Online slots are games that most gamblers play when they first get acquainted with gambling, but also something they do when they want lighthearted fun without any stress. In the following sections we discuss the many benefits of online slots, particularly their high RTP ratings and numerous bonuses. Read on to learn more about this if you are passionate about online gambling.

Return to Player Rating

Slot machines are famous far and wide as the games with some of the highest RTP ratings, which stands for Return to Player ratings. These are expressed in percentages and tell how much money the players can expect the game to give back based on the amount they have deposited. For slot machines, the RTPs start at around 95%, which means for every single dollar the game gives back 95 cents. However, this does not mean that every player gets it. The algorithm works in a way that takes into account a large sample, hundreds of thousands of spins, and then calculates the returns. Everything is still randomized but the RTP is essentially high. The 95% mark is actually quite low for most online slots as well, as most of them are around 98%, some reaching 99%. This is a good thing for this game because it is otherwise quite rare for a player to win meaningful money, let alone a jackpot. If you are lucky however and if you play many spins per session, you should get a good chunk of your money back despite not winning anything that would be considered walking away with more than you came. No other games have this.


Bonuses and Free Spins

By far the best thing about slot machines, and another reason how they balance the fact that the chances of winning are quite low, are attractive bonuses and free spins for the players. The free spin is the most common award that you can get from the reels after spinning them. It works exactly as it sounds. You get a free chance to spin the reels again without depositing money for it. This can result in not winning anything, getting money, or perhaps another free spin. Most online casinos have many free spins as welcome rewards, long-time member perks, or refer-a-friend rewards.

Other bonuses may include special rewards after a certain amount of money spent, extra funds to play slots with meaning no reason to deposit your own money, or commodities and items instead of money as prizes. Basically, the majority of top-tier online casinos revolve around their top slot games simply because of the number of players who play them. This means there are always incentives and bonuses to make use of so make sure to join in on all the fun.

Popular Games and Developers

Another big reason why playing online slots is beneficial is the number of high-quality games that are available. Most popular online gambling games are all slots and they have been for a while.

They are developed and operated by the biggest names in the business like Plan’n Go, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play. They have millions of players and their games generate hundreds of millions of dollars. The reason why they are so good is the thin line between them being just another set of gambling games and proper video games. The graphics, gameplay elements, and sounds are all top notch and can go head to head with many real video games. They also have many gameplay features and ways to win that other slots do not. If you are keen on titles that are the industry leaders and that everyone else wants to be like, online slots have many to offer. As of right now, Starburst could take first place on the leaderboards and rankings as the most played online slot and one of the most played online gambling games. It is certainly among the most fun and engaging ones.


Simplicity and Ease

Last but not least, the core benefit of an online slot is the absence of any learning curve, skill, and tactic. All you need to do is press one button that spins the virtual reels. Just like the physical slot machine where you only pull one lever and wait for the screen to display the reels, it is easy, quick, and fun. It lasts seconds, after which you can go again. The base formula that has made the game so popular is still there and it will never change, nor should it change. Doing something else will mean changing the game too much and it would no longer be a slot.

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