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7 Tips for Making Good Quality Voice-Over Videos

We are living in a day and age when many people record some videos, especially for YouTube. From the perspective of the viewer, creating these videos is not a hard task. However, it is a completely different case. The work invested in the creation of these videos is massive. Of course, there’s the question of the experience of the creator.

All in all, this is not something that can be described as an easy task. Let’s say that you are the type of person who wants to create videos of its own. You will quickly see that this is not as easy as you believe it is. Of course, numerous tutorials can provide you with some crucial advice that can be of big help. Search for them online and you will find them, we are certain of that.

Or, you can enroll in some courses that can help you with some voice acting, which is surely a big plus in this industry. Today, we would like to offer you some helpful tips that can provide you with a chance to create excellent voice-over videos. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these tips.

1. Choose a Proper Software

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Before you are ready to do anything else, you need to find proper software that will provide you with all the crucial possibilities. Of course, there are many of them to choose from. Since there are so many of them, opting for the best one is not easy. Some of them can provide you with an ultra-realistic AI voice.

Therefore, you should conduct research where you will find the one that will provide you with everything you need. There is no other way to do it, right? If you would like to take a look at one of the finest examples, check murf. At least, you can use it as an example of what you should look for.

2. Find Proper Equipment

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When you find the proper software, you should move towards finding proper equipment. Once again, there are so many of these, and finding the best one is hard. Not choosing proper gear will surely result in not having a quality voice-over video. So, you should be careful.

At the same time, we cannot say you need to have a top-notch studio to have the best result. You can make a good quality sound by having gear inside your home. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you should buy different components who are complement other ones.

3. Proper Mic Location

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After you find a mic that can satisfy all the preferences, you should do a little bit of experimentation. When we say that, we mean that you should change the locations. Only by doing that you will be able to find the best position that will result in a quality sound.

If you are uncertain about how far from the person’s mouth it needs to be, between eight and twelve inches are the perfect range. If you ask any professional, you will hear that this distance provides a quality recording, which will be both present and clear at the same time.

4. Find a Pop Filter

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In case you visited a studio at least once in your lifetime, you surely saw a pop filter in front of the microphone. Maybe it sounds strange to you, but this is something that will enhance the quality of the sound. Especially when pronouncing words that start with S or P.

Despite this item being so crucial for this kind of work, you will be able to find it at relatively cheap prices. It needs to be said that you will certainly not be able to understand the difference between the sound that has gone through a pop filter and the sound that is produced without it before you hear it.

5. Speak, Not Talk

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Even though people perceive the term “speaking” as something that we do every day. It can be said that talking and speaking are two widely different things. You talk to your friend, brother, mother, and father. When you talk, you use other non-verbal means of communication.

When you speak while recording a video, you need to focus solely on your words, the way you are saying them, and point out the crucial parts of your speech, right? Therefore, you can see a clear difference between these two concepts. In this case, you are a tool, you are a voice maker.

6. Prepare the Script

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Now that we’ve established that you are a voice maker in this process, it needs to be said that you are not only that. Sometimes, you will be the person who is responsible for writing the script. Of course, you will need to invest all you have into this process since it is impossible to do without a proper script.

After you have finished writing, you will need to practice. It means that you need to go through it numerous times before you perfect it. Sometimes you will find it stressful and annoying, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on it. If you want a quality product, you need a good script.

7. Practice, A Lot

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Last but not least, we would like to point out how important it is to practice the way you are talking. Only by doing that you will find the level of quality needed for making these voice-over videos.

The same can be said about using a particular software or a piece of equipment.

A vital thing is to practice is certainly the way you speak. Therefore, invest as many hours into it and you will perfect it at some moment, you can be sure of that. Sure, you will be able to see what your mistakes are and you can correct them in the best possible manner.

To Conclude

There are many different things that you need to take into consideration when making a proper voice-over video. Here, you will be able to see some helpful tips that can help you with this task.

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