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7 Clear Signs You Need To Get Your Roof Inspected And Restored in 2024

Not everyone has the eye to catch the deteriorating condition of their houses early on. Usually, by the time you start taking notice, it is already too late, and the damage has already taken place. What makes it even harder is that some issues can remain undetected for a long time until they manifest into an unmissable domestic catastrophe. Unless your maintenance work is like clockwork, you are guaranteed to face a similar situation.

From clogged gutters, causing your house to flood, to leaking pipes popping the floor tiles out of place, the list is endless. However, one of the most common issues that usually go unnoticed is often roof-related. Roof damages can be quite serious and even life-threatening.

If you have been wondering whether your roof needs some work done or not, read on below for seven clear signs that it is time to have it inspected and restored.

1. You Are Experiencing Leakage

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It goes without saying, if the roof over your head, is not really “roofing”, then it is definitely time to pick up the phone and call for help. Once you experience any kind of leakage, you should be extra cautious and act fast as the situation might develop in no time. If you live in a large city like Perth in Australia, trying to look for the best roof restoration services company can be a daunting task especially, if you are experiencing this for the first time. You can learn more if you visit this site where you can find many roofing solutions and advice from experienced professionals. Getting information from the experts will save you a lot of time and money that could otherwise go wasted if you attempt a DIY trial or went with a random roof restoration company.

2. Paint Falling Off Roof Tiles

You do not want your house to be the ugly duckling among your neighbors’ pristine properties. Not only will the fading paint undermine the overall look of your house, but over time with damaging weather conditions, your roof tiles can also start chipping and decaying, affecting the sturdiness of your rooftop. You can save a lot of money if you start the roof restoration process when you first notice the paint fading away from the tiles. Otherwise, as it gets worse, you might end up having to replace the whole rooftop, which will cost you a fortune.

3. Ceiling Mold

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Mold grows on damp surfaces, if your roof is not doing a good job at insulation, dampness can travel through to your ceilings encouraging mold growth. While mold may not seem like a serious threat, if it goes untreated for a long time, it can cause many health issues if you or a family member suffer from allergies or any other respiratory-related condition. Not to mention mold can make your ceilings’ concrete brittle and break it down. Make it a point to look up every once in a while, to inspect your ceilings. If you are like most people, you probably rarely go up to your attic, so, try to include a visit in your monthly maintenance work just to make sure that it is free from any infestation. Happily there are a lot of companies which can resolve this issue easily. One of them is, which will provide you with great service and clean the mold for you.

4. Light Traveling Through

This is one of the very obvious signs that you need a roof restoration ASAP. If your house is usually bright, it might be hard to identify any small openings, wait until the sun almost sets and turn off all the lights in your house before you can do your inspection. Alternatively, you can call a professional roofing company to come over for a visit and put your mind at ease. Having a few cracks in your roof can be the beginning of the demise of the whole thing if you do not attend to them right away.

5. Missing and Loose Tiles

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If you find any loose or missing tiles on your roof while you are doing your regular cleaning, then it is a sign that you need to get your roof inspected and restored. Before you know it, the two or three loose tiles will become a dozen, weakening your entire roof and increasing the risk of having it fall off completely. It is better if you can literally take a walk on your roof every few months to make sure all the tiles are in place. During hurricane season, try to make your inspections more frequent as the extreme weather conditions can make the roof tiles fly out of place putting people’s lives in danger. You will also want to be more adamant about roof tile checkups if your kids are in the habit of sun tanning on the rooftop come summer. Always remember that when safety is in question, there is no such thing as being overly cautious.

6. Uneven Roof Surface

Commonly known as roof sagging. This happens when you can see uneven and dented spots in your supposedly flat roof surface. This is very common during winter where your roof is subject to extra weight from rain or snow. Other reasons might include faulty installation or poor roofing materials. Sagging is one of those more discreet signs that would probably be hard to detect by untrained eyes. If you suspect having an uneven rooftop, seek help from roofing experts so they can get to work right away and make sure you have a clear understanding of your roof endurance.

7.  Debris in the Gutters

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If you notice any residue collecting in your gutters like grains of sand or asphalt, this could mean that your protective roof tile coating is falling off. Exposed tiles are more susceptible to breakage and can shorten the lifetime of your healthy roof. While noticing some residue every now and then in your gutters is not alarming, you should keep track of any increase. It is recommended to keep your surrounding trees trimmed and in good shape, since falling remains can encourage the wear and tear process of your roof coating.

Now that you know more about the signs to look for when you are wondering about roof restorations, you just have to be more observant. Do not be like most people who fail to regularly check on their rooftops to identify any necessary repairs. Do some research to find a trustworthy roof inspection and restoration company that you can rely on for seasonal visits. Fixing any roof problems that you have early on, will make the process much easier and cheaper.

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