How to Distinguish Between a Genuine Online Psychic and a Fraudulent One

The psychic field has long been a misunderstood one, especially with those who have skeptical opinions about the services they provide, and the influx of online providers of spiritual assistance has led to a marked increase in the perception that many in the industry aren’t genuine.

When it comes to misconceptions, psychics (or all varieties) offer more than you might at first consider. In many ways they provide a service similar to that which you might receive from a life coach or a therapist, though on top of this they offer meaningful insights, via their readings, that put them in touch with the psychic realm.

It’s true that finding a genuine psychic can prove problematic but in 2024 the service is so widely used that the possibility of finding a trusted, reputable and effective psychic professional is easier than ever.

Most quality psychics, who can offer all sorts of readings from Fortune Telling to Tarot Cards, work within larger organizations that provide you with a number of possible readers. This way your specific needs are more efficiently met.

To help you seek out a psychic reader who will be of real benefit to you, here are a few tips that should help you to find just what you are looking for.

Vague Readings


Often complaints about psychics revolve around the topic of vague readings. These are usually a deliberate attempt to appear authentic but are in fact a sign that an untrustworthy practitioner is operating. Effectively these readers will say very generic things in order to elicit information that they can then use to appear as if they are genuine.

The best way to know if this is how your reader is working is to maintain as much silence as possible and allow the psychic to produce a real reading based on their own ability to produce a real reading. Less is more.

Requesting Additional Payments Via a ‘Hook’


Another common ‘trick’ used by a disreputable psychic is when they will offer you a hook in the form of a leading statement that is groundbreaking but requires you to make additional payment in order to secure the key information. This is a very lazy, and obvious, part of a fake psychic’s playbook.

Always agree to a flat rate for any reading in advance and do not provide additional payments.

Don’t Enter Into Negotiations With a Psychic or Spiritual Advisor


As alluded to above, the sign of a disreputable psychic or spiritual advisor is if they continually seek to change the terms of any meeting you’ve set. Commonly this could come in the form of the psychic offering you the prospect of more ‘key’ information but only if you pay extra or book another sitting.

These are common ways they may look to lure you in, such as starting you down a certain path, which appears to be bringing you closer to some monumental insight that would clearly tempt you into further payments or meetings.

Not only is this unprofessional it’s also immoral and the kind of ‘trick’ that is a tell-tale sign that the person you are dealing with isn’t to be trusted.

Do Not Reveal Important Information


Much like any online scam, where your personal data is a valuable commodity, a fake online psychic may well look to get hold of critical information. This could come in the form of what appear to be harmless questions, such as your date of birth, maiden name (if relevant), and could move all the way to more obvious data harvesting, such as bank details and account numbers.

Remember, a fake psychic (especially one that’s experienced in the act) can appear very legitimate and could be well versed in the art of luring in an unsuspecting individual and that’s why you must always be on your guard. Treat all your information as securely as possible. A genuine psychic would not ask for these key details.

Read Reviews


We’d strongly suggest you locate a psychic via a larger psychic providing service, this way you have the peace of mind you wouldn’t receive if you were only dealing with the psychic themselves.

The additional benefit of working with a provider is that you can do all the relevant research before you spend a dime. Read up on the relevant brand or company, find out what services they offer and read what people say about them.

This not only protects you from fraudulent psychics but also means you can find a psychic who will be ideal for your circumstances and needs. Reading up on the best in the business requires only a click to investigate and you can do so from the comfort of your home. The online psychic world has expanded a great deal in recent years, more so since the coronavirus pandemic made our lives so untethered, and this increase in volume has led to a more professional industry where sham psychics can be more easily spotted and avoided.

This means that those of us who believe wholeheartedly in the psychic realm can more easily put us in touch with those who are trained professionals in the field.

There is a growing need for psychics, an uncertain world has led to a large portion of us looking for support and guidance from this avenue, and the more regulated and reputable the service becomes the more individuals will secure the many benefits that await.

Beware of Psychics Who Promise Too Much

The very nature of the psychic experience is unknown. A good psychic can deliver you a reading of real value but they will never tell you that they are infallible. Avoid those who give you a 100% guarantee of their abilities or the success of their readings.

It’s not an exact science so how can any psychic medium ever be sure of their talents, those who err on the side of caution are far more likely to be reliable than those who are just seeking to give you false hope and the promise of something they can not deliver.

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