6 Fundraising Ideas for Your College Organization

To some students, college organizations mean a lot. Whether you’re at the beginning of your academic education and want to become part of a team or you have been a student for a long time, fighting for better conditions and good functioning of the institution, there’s nothing better than contributing to such things. Money is always needed here – especially for various projects and works related to program improvement. Of course, it isn’t always easy to reach it, but thanks to student initiatives and efforts, we can come across at least a few innovative fundraising ideas every day. Some of them are especially creative, but in this case, we’d like to focus on the ones that can really bring the most benefits, while being fast and efficient.

Ready? Here are a few possible solutions to your problem.

Volunteer for a donation


You must be thinking – how come I could ever earn anything (okay, apart from the experience) if I volunteer? And yes, it’s true – most people don’t get anything except a few praises and some more points for their resume like this. But it actually doesn’t have to end up like that – it’s all about the deal.

In case there are any other organizations nearby, like charities or any other local institution or company that might need a certain kind of assistance, start from there. Try to make a deal with their directors or managers – let them pay a certain amount of money as a donation for your college group in exchange for your help and time. What’s great is that you can actually include all your fellow students for much better effect, which again might result in a bigger sum of money given.

Some communities also advocate some eco-friendly initiatives – so why not become a part of these, as well? It doesn’t hurt to care for your planet, especially when knowing you’re doing something for both a good cause and the better future of your organization.

Selling old stuff


We all have old clothes at home that we rarely even look at – and not to even mention wearing them. Our family members, too. Our friends, as well. Colleagues. Other students. Collecting things like this, as well as second-hand books, toys, board games, and home appliances and selling them can also be seen as a quick and great way to get a larger amount of money.

Professors from your college, parents of your friends from the group, and anyone willing to participate in the initiative with this goal can also contribute to this. Find a suitable place that can serve as a location for the event and for selling these used items and fill the stalls, but make sure that everyone’s well informed about the event. You can share a couple of leaflets in apartment buildings or on the street – this opportunity will seem like a great chance to get a lot of things at reasonable prices to everyone and come and help.

You don’t have to charge for the entrance, but set the prices for the items at your own discretion – try not to set them to be too high in order to sell them as soon as possible. After a one-day sale, you should collect a solid amount of money, but if you think it’s necessary, you can extend the event for a few days (or until everything is sold) and double the amount.

Brick fundraising (with the help of brick engraving)


Have you heard about brick fundraising? It’s a popular method of recollecting funds when a certain organization accepts to make a kind of brick construction – a pavement or another type of surface where other institutions or communities can engrave their logo or any type of customized message in exchange of money.

This could be used as a resolution for school fundraising, as well as in other cases, but brick fundraisers definitely do have an increased workload thanks to this idea. If we have a look at Polar Engraving, we can even notice that the profit that comes out from this method seems to be quite satisfying. Maybe that’s the reason why it appears as one of the most prominent ones. Here are some of the best fundraising ideas for colleges by Donorbox.

Movie marathon


Everybody loves movies – so, use it. Some college organizations do have their own space for special events, so you can rent the equipment and make an open cinema or a cinema hall within it. The best thing would be to make it a marathon – choose some movies that have one or more sequels and play them for a couple of days.

Revenue from tickets goes straight into the pocket of the institution and for maintaining the ideology of your organization This will provide a handful of entertainment to students, professors and, ultimately, everyone else who’s in the mood to attend this event.

If this doesn’t seem enough, you could also make some kind of prize game, a movie quiz, or any other type of competition, charging a small fee for participation. What do you say?

Selling sweet treats


There must be cooking lovers among the members of the organization who enjoy making culinary specialties. On the other hand, sweets are something that few can resist. The perfect way to make someone happy, and to raise the necessary money – start selling cookies, cakes, and homemade desserts. Come on – it couldn’t fail ever!

Members who like to have fun with such things can be in charge of the making process itself, while those for whom the kitchen isn’t really a strong point can take over the organization of sales, pricing, and finding a place. This can also be reported as a part of a special event, but a stand can also be set up in a specific place in front of the college so that as many people as possible can come across it.

The good thing is that this method can be practiced as long as you are in the mood to work on it. There may be a cost around ingredients for desserts, but they can also be collected through donations or at low prices at affordable discounts.

Selling customized or handmade items


Creativity is what greatly adorns today’s youth, and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. It can also be an aid in such procedures. Selling various items with unique prints, painted T-shirts or other pieces of clothing, coffee cups, and other things that can be ornamented this way not only raises money but also helps non-established artists to present their works widely.

Also, enthusiasts who like to do handicrafts such as sewing, crocheting, knitting, or embroidery can also contribute by selling handmade pieces of clothing, bedding, or tablecloths. Students gifted in photography could make photoshoots for interested individuals or groups at a symbolic price that will also mean much in this case.

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