How Much Do Electricians Earn And Is It A Good Profession – 2024

Electricity is both incredibly useful and incredibly dangerous. Society revolves around it and yet not many people know or understand how the electrical grid works or what’s involved in keeping it running. Whether it is an office building or a residential area, electricity is required everywhere.

To deal with this kind of complicated system electricians must undergo years of training to properly understand how the system works, as well as how to fix or repair it without putting their own lives at risk.

Many people think the role of an Electrician is changing a blown fuse or replacing some wiring but the work can be far more complicated than that. There is a great mathematical relationship that exists between the laws of voltage, current, and resistance and for a system to work correctly they all have to be taken into account.

To tell you about some of the benefits of becoming an electrician we had experts from Connect Electric talk us through some of the positives of the career choice.

Reason to choose this job

Tricky but interesting work


The work of an Electrician is quite challenging. There is a great requirement for practical problem-solving skills in this profession as well as a hands-on approach that is far more fun than an office job.

The most important factor is safety assurance. On one day you might be installing a new light fixture, on the next day, you could be fitting solar panels onto a business roof. Electrical work is varied and as an electrician, you’ll get all kinds of unique and fun jobs to keep you on your toes.

Become your own boss

Many electricians start their own business once they have the experience and expertise to do so. There are very few businesses that have fewer upfront costs to starting your own company.

If you have the skills needed you only need to buy your own tools and cars and have some way to get your name out there before you can start taking jobs.

Don’t get stuck in one place


If you like to move from one place to another, then being an electrician is a great option for you. Chances are you won’t be stuck at the same place for long periods of time, jobs are often spread out all through a town, city or region.

As you work for more people in your local area the number of contacts you know increases as well. This can be a great help in the future when you go to open your own business. So take a stand for yourself and identify the skills you have for your business.

Cheap training

Another perk of becoming an electrician is that you don’t need to pay money for the training. Unlike many other careers that require a university degree while training to be an electrician you actually get paid.

So if you have a low budget, but you have skills and passion, then becoming an electrician could be the right choice for you.

Education level required to become an Electrician


To become an Electrician you don’t need a set level of education although a high school diploma is preferred. While studying during your apprenticeship a basic education in math and graphical drawing would be advantageous.

An electrician apprenticeship generally takes between 3 and 4 years. To find companies offering apprenticeships check your local classifieds and online listings to see if there are any available.

Work hard through your apprenticeship and more often than not you’ll be offered a job through the company once you have completed your training.

There will always be work

Electricity is so vital in our day to day lives that even a few hours without electricity causes people to stress. If you’re a qualified electrician you can sleep easy knowing that there will always be a demand for electricity.

People and businesses always need electricity regardless of how the market or the economy is doing so if you position your business correctly you can be insulated from the highs and lows of the economy.

Electrical systems require maintenance so you should still maintain a steady flow of jobs through quite times allowing you to already have the systems in place to take advantage of a growing economy.

Renewable energy is a growing market


The world is heating up and Governments, businesses, and people are investing trillions of dollars around the world in an attempt to transition to renewable energy sources. Renewable energy market to reach USD 2152.9 billion by 2025.

It was approximately valued at USD 1486.3 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow more than 4.90% over the period 2018-2025. This huge influx of cash into research and development and the installation of renewable energy systems provides great opportunities for electricians.

30 years ago solar panel installation was basically unheard of and electricians qualified to install them were few and far between. Today the costs of solar panels have plummeted and solar panels are becoming affordable even for residential homes.

The solar industry now employs tens of thousands of electricians throughout the world and as the price of solar continues to come down the market will continue to grow.

A similar thing is happening with wind energy which has gone from one of the most expensive to one of the cheapest sources of electricity in the world. Onshore and offshore wind farms require the skills and expertise of

specialized electricians to ensure they are running efficiently and effectively. If you’re considering an electrical apprenticeship if may be worth focusing on one that teaches the skills necessary for these new renewable energy markets.


Electricians are the backbone for society. Keeping the lights on in businesses and homes across the country. If you work hard and are good at what you do then there is a large potential for high salaries and wages in the industry.

If you’re looking for a hands-on job that has varied work then maybe becoming an electrician is something you should look into.

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