Don’t Be Sad Just Because Of Acne Problem – We Have A Solution!

Many people believe that pimples come out due to the skin being too oily and start using harsh soaps or scrubs. The truth is that more dry skin can promote acne. Scrub increases the chance of swelling and redness in the acne and can cause a burning sensation in the face.

The pores and pores of the skin are attached to the oil gland cells from inside due to which sebum oil is produced in the pores of the skin. Sebum helps to bring bad batteries out of the pores and keep creating new cells, but when more sebum oil starts to form due to hormone imbalance, then this oil closes these pores, causing pimples or rash. The growth of bacteria in sebum also closes the pores and gives rise to acne.

Types of Acne


There are many different types of pimples, and they have various symptoms

– Whiteheads:  Whiteheads, also known as a closed come to do, they remain under the skin. It appears as a small, flesh color papule. 

– Blackheads: They are also known as an open do. They are visible on the surface of the skin. Due to the oxidation of melanin, it is black or dark brown. Because of their color, some people think it is caused by dirt. Because of which people rub it vigorously. To correct those scrubbing does not help. This can irritate the skin and cause other problems.

– Papules: These are small, stable, round grains that grow from the skin. It is often pink in color.

– Pustules: These are pus-filled rash. They are visible on the surface of the skin. Their bottom is red, and pus is on top.

– Nodules: They are similar in the shape of papules, but they are more abundant. It can be painful and can occur in the depths of the skin.

– Cyst: These are visible on the surface of the skin. They are filled with pus, and they are usually painful. These often leave scars on the skin.

Causes of Acne

– Hormonal Imbalance:  Hormonal change during teenage and pregnancy. During these life events, the activity of oil glands increases, and sometimes excessive sebum is produced, which inhibits the follicle of the skin and causes pimples. 

Digestive System: When the digestive process is not as good as it should be, then problems with other health-related disorders begin. Toxins frozen in the body can contribute to the formation of acne. The distressed digestive system is usually due to imbalance. This may be due to the consumption of dry, spicy, and oily foods. Pimple also occurs from raw and undercooked foods, and cold dishes such as cold drinks, ice creams. Eat healthy and hot meals for better digestion.

– Sleep Deprivation: Not getting enough sleep for any reason can interfere with your natural metabolic rate. Improper sleep causes stress that has a direct effect on metabolic processes in the body. If these processes lose their capacity, then toxins accumulate in the body, which eventually leads to acne.

– Creams & Cosmetic: Using different types of creams and lotions on your face and neck also sometimes causes pimples. They damage the skin, and sometimes the surface is filled with unwanted toxins that cause acne.

Diet for Acne


You should eat healthy, hot, and cooked food that is not dry. Try to avoid hot and spicy foods. This bile can cause inflammation in the skin by increasing the defect. Reduce alcohol, cheese, and coffee intake. Drink water from standard temperature and do not consume cold water. Ice cream and cold drinks should be reduced. The consumption of raw food should be avoided. But before drinking water, you should ensure that it is treated properly by water purifier by Industrial-RO.




Take good care of your skin. Use herbal soaps to wash the skin that keeps your skin soft. Do not use different types of aesthetic cosmetics containing chemicals. It can damage your face in the long run. Also, protect your face from dust and dirt. Do not place your hands on your face as hand contact can cause hand bacteria to move on your face. It is good to go into the sunlight but make sure you do not stay in sunlight for too long. Staying in the sunshine for too long can cause acne. You should cover your face adequately when you are in the sunlight.

Enough Sleep

A straightforward remedy for the treatment of acne is to get good sleep. It is essential to sleep for at least 7-8 hours per day to maintain a healthy and efficient metabolic system. If you do not sleep properly, your mental health may deteriorate, resulting in your metabolism. So you rest well so that you feel refreshed and happy when you wake up in the morning.




These medicines then work best. When applied on dry and clean skin for 15 minutes. You may not see the benefits of this treatment for a few weeks. And you may also have skin irritation at the beginning such as dryness, peeling of the skin, and redness of the skin.

There is a various reason which can cause acne in you, but one of the most significant reason is dryness of the skin. Thus drinking water is a meaningful way to get rid of an acne problem, but it is only possible when you drink pure and healthy water. There are various methods of getting pure and healthy water, but industrial water purifier is one of the widely used ways to get the best drinking water. RO Care India helps you to get it to install at your home in all the cities of India at an economical price.

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