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Chris Tucker`s Net Worth 2024 – A Popular Stand-up Comedian

Today, maybe it is a little hard to understand that Chris Tucker, a popular stand-up comedian, was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood in the year 2007. In 2018, he made countless lists named the top 10 most financially struggling celebrities, and he has a negative value in his earnings. All the credit for this situation can be given to his bad financial managing during his most fruitful days.

Presently, the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, is demanding around $11 million from Tucker in back taxes. This is not the only example is his financial struggle, some other institutions are demanding money from him. We are going to present you with Chris Tucker`s net worth and some less known information from his biography.

Personal Life

Chris Tucker was born in Atlanta, in the year 1971. His parents are Mary Louse and Norris Tucker. He has five other siblings, and all of them are raised as Christians. Chris is the youngest of them. He attended a Columbia high school, which he graduated from. After high school, he started pursuing his passions in comedy and acting, especially after he moved to Los Angeles.

Chri Tucker with wife

When it comes to the family, Chris Tucker has one son named Destin, who lives in Los Angeles, California, with his mother. Before and after the marriage, he had several relationships. Most notable are Vanessa Mendoza and Azja Pryor. Today, he is in a relationship with India Arie.


Shortly after the start of his career, he was given a chance to appear as a stand-up comedian at Def Comedy Jam, which later gave him an opportunity to appear on “House Party III” from 1992. He was noticed pretty fast. That helped him to appear, together with Ice Cube, in a movie called “Friday”. After that, he appeared on movies with Charlie Sheen and Bruce Willis, “Money Talks” and “The Fifth Element”.

However, his breakthrough came in 1998, when he was cast to star in “Rush Hour” with Jackie Chan. Later, the famous duo reprised their roles in two sequels of the same movie. Chris Tucker made a profit of around $20 million dollars from this trilogy, who made him popular across the world.

More recently, he was cast in “Last Friday” and in the fourth installment of “Rush Hour” which will be released in 2019 or 2024. Chris Tucker is also a musician. He released several studio albums. Also, him being a TV personality, helped him to appear on various TV shows.

Most Important Achievements and Awards

Chris Tucker has several awards, most notable are Academy Awards in several categories and Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards.

Net Worth

As of January 2024, Chris Tucker has a negative net worth of -$11.5 million. It is a little hard to believe how can he have a negative net worth, because of his profit from only Rush Hour trilogy. Some information is saying that he earned $200 million from each of these movies. Also, he had endorsements which gave him a profit of $25 million. Most likely, his problems began with him avoiding to pay taxes in 2001. That year the IRS started pursuing him.

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