How to Find the Best Casino for Real Money Gaming Entertainment

When the Internet debuted in the early ’90, gaming companies were among the first industries to grasp the potential involved in providing people with entertainment in an online environment. From the early days when there were only a few casino options where people could play online, the online casino world has grown to include hundreds of Internet gaming sites.

Some players have no trouble choosing their casino. They know exactly which games they want to play and have a firm grasp of the opportunities that each casino offers. For the majority of player however, the choices are bewildering. Every casino has its own character, its own games lobby, its own banking systems and its own bonus programs.

The question of which casino to choose can be overwhelming. How do you compare and contrast the amenities that each casino offers? How do you determine which is the right casino for your individual needs and expectations?

SlotsPlayCasinos has created a checklist that will guide you as you do your research to find the casino that’s the right fit for you.



There are two main elements of an online casino:

  1. Fun and excitement.
  2. Real money prizes.

Sometimes, a player is focused on one or the other of these goals, but in general, gamers want a combination of both. That’s the specialty of online casinos – providing their customers with a mixture of these two elements.

The most basic step that you need to take as you decide on a casino site where you want to sign up is to ask yourself some basic questions.

  1. Does the casino offer an extensive games lobby?
  2. Does the casino offer good bonus promotions?
  3. Can you play on mobile?
  4. Does the casino make it easy to facilitate ebanking transactions?
  5. Does the casino provide an option for live dealer interactive gaming?
  6. Does the casino provide good customer service?
  7. Is the casino licensed and regulated?

Here is a comprehensive summary of the information that you’ll need to know to answer these questions and make a wise choice for your casino entertainment.

Games Lobby

The available selection of games should be your first order of business. Most casinos offer basic table games such as blackjack, poker and roulette plus some slot machines.

But did you know that there are multiple variations of the classic table games? There are multi-player variations, multi-deck variations and other types of options that allow you to tailor your gaming event to your personal preference.

In addition, a good casino will have an extensive slots lobby. That’s because the slots are the most popular game at the casino. So you should be able to choose your preferred slot from a wide selection of dozens, even hundreds, of slots.

Additionally, a good casino will have new slots coming out on a regular basis.  That gives gamers the chance to play their old favorites, new releases or a little of both.

Review the game options before you decide on a casino for your gambling entertainment.


Casino bonuses started with land-based casinos that would give players vouchers for meals and accommodations at the casino restaurants and hotels. When online casinos opened, they wanted to give bonuses as well and they realized that the best type of bonus promotion was a free money bonus.

Today, all online casinos give free money bonuses in the form of free gaming credits, match points and free spins. The question is, how many credits? How many points? How many free spins?

You can check the casino’s bonus page to find out what kind of bonus promotions the casino is gifting to its gamers. Then, compare and contrast that to other casinos.  Start with the Welcome Bonus which all online casinos give to their new players. If it’s a generous one, you can be pretty sure that the casino’s other bonuses will follow in that same spirit of generosity. If it’s a stingy new player bonus, that is a hint about what you can expect with the  casino’s follow-up bonuses.

SPC also has a whole section dedicated to all the different kind of bonuses that casinos offer.  And, each Casino Review page gives the bonuses available at that casino in particular.  In short, there are tons of bonuses available at online casinos – every day – be sure to take full advantage of them.



Today, it’s estimated that 70% of online gamers play casino games at least part of the time on mobile. The casino should have mobile-enabled games so that you can get the most out of your gaming experience on all devices.

The casino should offer easy connectivity via cable, WiFi or cellular connectivity.


Each person has his or her own preferred method of ebanking. That means that a high quality online casino will interface with all types of online banking services including wire transfers, credit and debit cards, evouchers and cybercurrency.

You can check the type of ebanking options that the online casino provides via the casino’s website on the banking webpage.  Slots Play Casinos presents a long list of commonly accepted payment methods for online casinos – check out their Payment Options section for more details.

Live Dealer


The live dealer feature is a new amenity but if you enjoy the idea of playing against a live dealer while you’re gaming online, it’s a feature that you don’t want to forgo. Playing at the live dealer casino means that your game is live streamed so you can chat with the dealer while the cards are dealt, while the bets and placed and while the action commences.

If you are looking for a casino that offers the live dealer feature, look for a “live dealer” tab on the casino’s homepage.  Or for a quick view, check out the casino review page at Slots Play Casinos and you’ll see there if the casino offers live dealer.

Customer Service

Online casino customer service varies from one casino to the next. If good customer service is important to you, click into the “Help” page to see what type of customer service is available.

You’ll want a casino that provides help in your own language and is open 24/7 so you can ask any question about any game, about the bonuses, about your banking options or any other issue at your convenience.



There are several accredited international licensing agencies that license online casinos.  You should make sure that the casino where you are playing is licensed. A license from a certified licensing authority will give you the assurance that your casinos will protect your privacy, will ensure safe online banking transactions, and will provide games that have been tested to be fair and unbiased.

Finding the right online casino takes a bit of effort but it’s well worth the time that you put into the research to give yourself a safe, secure and high quality gaming adventure.

SPC Makes Life Easier

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