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Brian Gotter Net Worth 2024 – American Reporter and Meteorologist

Brian Gotter is a meteorologist, reports, and weather anchor from the United States. Presently, he works as a meteorologist at TMJ4 channel. He is in this position since late 2006. Over time, he managed to win an Emmy award for his appearance on the morning show. Also, he was a substitute at the popular “CBS Early Show” where he also had a position as a meteorologist.

Furthermore, he won two more Emmy as the best meteorologist in the Midwest, in the years 2009 and 2010. Brian Gotter is a well-known face in the industry. This is the reason we’ve decided to do a little bit of digging and present to you his biography, his professional career, and his net worth. Without further ado, let us begin.


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Brian Gotter was born in Green Bay on the 29th of August 1972. He spent his childhood in Oshkosh and Fond du Lac. As of 2024, he is 47 years old. In 1996, he got a bachelor’s degree in Geoscience and got approval from American Meteorologist Society Seal a year after that. His father is originally from the Sheboygan region and was a marine. His mother is from Wisconsin.

One year before he graduated from high school, the family moved to Oklahoma because his father needed to move for work purposes. He is married to Tina, with whom he has a son Austin and a daughter Alexis. He is a fan of golf, bowling, basketball, snow-skiing, etc. Brian is described by his colleagues as a very private person who doesn’t like to disclose his private life to anyone. But at the same time, he is regarded as one of the most likable TV personnel in the industry.


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During his last year in high school, Brian was able to land his first employment at Lawton, Oklahoma. He was a person who recorded some of the most vicious storms that ever hit the United States. For example, he was on duty during 1999’s Hurricane Floyd. He remained in Jacksonville for five years. Since 2006, he works at TODAY’s TMJ4. Jokingly, he said that even though he is a Packer fan, people have been nice to him at this media house.

Today, he is one of the best-known TV faces in the Midwest. He was invited to be a fill-in meteorologist on “CBS Early Show”, which had a significant positive effect on his career. Furthermore, he even won several Emmys for his work, which is a pretty high recognition from the industry, you will agree. He won them in 2009 and 2010.

Net Worth

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Brian Gotter’s net worth is estimated at $20 million as of 2024. We’ve been able to find information about his annual salary, which ranges between $57,800 to $82,349. Since he has a good number of years in front of him when it comes to career and that the is one of the most successful people in the industry, we absolutely have no doubt that his net worth will only grow in the future.

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