How to Identify That Your Ambler, Pennsylvania Home Needs Stucco Remediatio

We all want the best for our families – and for our homes. A house is a long-term investment, and it’s also a major part of our lives, which is why it’s so important to keep it in good repair at all times. This is why many homeowners choose stucco as a siding material, regardless of the climate in which they live.

Beautiful, durable, and low maintenance, stucco is a wonderful option for any Ambler, Pennsylvania, home. This siding material can last for decades, and it provides incredible protection from fire, water damage, and extreme temperatures. More than that, its beauty adds remarkable curb appeal, which can boost the value of any home.

However, every material eventually breaks down, even those with the greatest longevity and resistance to the elements. But how can you tell if your stucco siding needs to be repaired? Today, we’ll discuss the signs that you need to reach out to a qualified stucco remediation expert in Ambler, Pennsylvania, as well as what you can expect from the process.

Conducting a Visual Inspection of Your Home’s Exterior


Begin by examining the stucco for cracks, chips, or discoloration. Look for areas where the stucco is separating from the wall or where it appears to be pulling away. Check for mold or mildew growth, as this can indicate moisture problems. Pay close attention to the areas around windows, doors, and rooflines, as these are common areas for water intrusion. It is also important to inspect the flashing, which is the metal barrier that seals joints and seams. A thorough visual inspection can help you identify any potential stucco issues and determine if professional remediation is necessary.

Major cracks or peeling are a sign of major damage

While a few cracks aren’t uncommon with stucco, there shouldn’t be any large, gaping cracks. Cracks that are quickly growing larger indicate that the stucco is peeling off from the wall and that it may be structurally compromised, and it requires quick remediation to solve.

Similarly, peeling or chipped stucco means that your siding is no longer providing protection to the rest of the structure, and it could quickly cause severe damage to your home. If you see cracks, chips, or peeling, reach out to a stucco expert as soon as possible to examine the situation and make repairs.

Water damage can take multiple forms


Water damage is one of the biggest risks to any form of siding, and stucco is no exception. Damage to stucco siding takes a slightly different form than damage to other materials, but it all stems from water infiltrating the mixture of cement, sand, and lime that creates stucco.

Firstly, water-damaged stucco will grow soft as the bonds between its components loosen up. It may become tacky, which means that it is allowing water to infiltrate the rest of the structure; it could also warp or bubble as it pulls away from your home. Lastly, it could become discolored, which could indicate either that it is becoming soft or that it is developing mold.

All of these are serious issues that require immediate intervention, and only a qualified stucco expert can assist. Though you may be able to install or repair other sidings on your own, this particular material takes great expertise and technique, especially for repairs.

A qualified stucco expert has a variety of methods to fix damage to your siding

The types of methods your stucco remediation specialist will perform depend on the extent of the damage, but each process will include assessing the area, cleaning and removing the damaged stucco, repairing the broken material, and ensuring that it matches the surrounding stucco.

For smaller areas of damage, your remediation expert may simply caulk and seal the area, ensuring that the damage doesn’t spread. This is the preferred method, as it’s inexpensive and doesn’t require removing large areas of stucco, which is why it’s important to pay close attention to the status of your siding and immediately reach out to a remediation specialist as soon as you notice the damage.

Should there be larger compromised areas, the Ambler, PA, stucco remediation specialist will remove the entire section of stucco and replace it with new material, which they will then match to the existing stucco. This may be costly and time-consuming, but it will ensure that the rest of your siding does not continue to degrade.

Your stucco remediation specialist will also focus on preventing further damages


The last thing you want is to have to repair more stucco a few years down the road, so your expert repair team will look for ways to prevent further water damage. One of these options is adding a drainage system so that your siding is not continually placed into contact with water, which often causes continual water damage. They can also coat your stucco with a waterproof coating to ensure that it more easily repels water. Rest assured that neither of these options will drastically change the look of your stucco, as many homeowners choose this siding option because of its aesthetic appeal.

The only way to repair your stucco is to reach out to an expert

Stucco is a difficult material to master, so you should never attempt to fix damaged stucco on your own; instead, reach out to a qualified stucco remediation company to assess and repair the issue. They will be able to properly apply new material so as to ensure the integrity of your siding, and they can also prevent future issues with your stucco through waterproofing and new drainage systems. Never hesitate to reach out to a stucco repair expert the instant you feel something is awry: it may save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

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