Marketing Tip: Add Captions to Every Video to Increase Engagement in 2024

Videos are rapidly surpassing all other forms of content as far as attracting & engaging the target audience is concerned. Do you know that around half a billion individuals watch video content on Facebook every day? The question is no longer about the strength of video content. It is more about how, as a marketer, you can enrich your video content to gain maximum visibility and user engagement.

One amazing way of boosting the overall reach as well as engagement of the video content is to make use of interactive captions. Video captions on any given platform assume the fact that viewers cannot hear. Subtitles or captions are time-synchronized bodies of texts representing audio within some media files while also including relevant sound effects in some cases.

If you wish to know more about video captions, and how these elements can help in increasing the overall engagement, let us help you understand the same in detail through this post.

What are Video Captions?


Video subtitles or captions are written forms of texts that get attached to some video content for representing the audio part of the video. Captions help clarify what is being said. These could be either open (implying they always remain open for viewing) or closed (implying these can be turned on or off).

Video captions tend to be similar to the concept of transcriptions. However, captions tend to be synced to the time codes of the video. This allows the viewers to follow along with the words of the video as they are being delivered. The captions are also visible within the video player unobtrusively and seamlessly.

Why Should You Include Captions in Your Video Marketing?

Indeed, subtitles are known to make it better to understand any video content out there. However, the overall benefits of including captions tend to reach far beyond. Right from boosting the overall engagement metrics to SEO optimization, making it easier for those having disabilities to comprehend videos, and so more –video-based captions have great powers when it comes to boosting the overall worth of any brand.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider including captions in your video marketing campaign.

#Boosting Engagement


Firstly, including captions in your brand’s video content can help in boosting the overall engagement metrics throughout. Here are some pointers for you to know about:

· Facebook reveals that the addition of captions to the video can help in boosting the overall view time by as much as 12 percent.
· A recent study reported that there was expected to be around a 40 percent increase in the overall views on videos that are captioned in comparison to the uncaptioned videos.
· On Facebook, it is estimated that around 85 percent of the viewers tend to watch videos on mute.

In addition to having the desired caption, the videos that you post for your brand should be bright as well as bold –especially when it comes to posting on social media. However, depending on how viewers are scrolling, in some cases, the bright visuals might not be sufficient to mark its name in the feed stating various types of video content.

On the other hand, when your video has words resonating with the viewers, and the given set of words is significant enough to be observed instantly, your video content has a higher chance of delivering a major impact.

#Improved Accessibility


Another significant benefit of including captions in your video content is the overall accessibility of content. There is a larger group of the target audience that might be deaf or not capable of hearing too well. In such a scenario, captions for videos can help those who are not able to hear properly what is going on in the video. Without the presence of captions for videos, the given population will end up missing out on your brand’s content.

In addition to this, in case your video is dedicatedly in English, then you are missing out on the whole spectrum of non-English speaking audience. As you include captions in the language that the target audience speaks, it will help in making your video content highly accessible to every corner of the globe.



Indeed, captions are known to help significantly in the development of Search Engine Optimization or SEO efforts. You can transcribe the video content while including the given transcription in the video description or website. By doing this, the search engines are capable of crawling as well as ranking the given video higher. This is because you are providing text like other SEO strategies.

Closed captions are known to offer a readable form of the text file that search engine spiders are capable of crawling. This helps in aligning your video content with the respective SEO-centric keyword strategy. Generally, videos featuring close captions tend to rank higher in the respective search engine results. However, as the search engines are now capable of going through the captions easily, the SEO power turns out to be significantly higher.

In addition to including captions to the brand videos, you can also go forward with boosting the SEO power by embedding important videos on the main pages of the website, landing pages, blog pages, and so more.

When to Use Video Captions?

There is not going to be any moment when you should not use video captions. This is because most videos out there tend to be enhanced with the inclusion of relevant captions.

You would need them when you have to decide whether a how-to video or a brand video will have captions or not. Moreover, if you wish to harness the power of your brand’s social media presence, then you should make use of video-based captions.


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