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Why Hire an Accident Attorney? – 2024 Guide

Often people hire an accident attorney after being involved in a car crash resulting in monetary losses or personal injury. People can file personal injury claims against insurance companies by themselves. Some choose to do so when only mild injuries have been suffered, or they have time to research the claims process.

Not having an attorney saves legal fees. The question that arises is, what constitutes a small case that can be handled alone? A rule of thumb is the medical bills and time away from work. When the medical bills are more than $3000 or a person is out of work for a week or more, it is wise to hire an attorney.

According to Slaterzurz.comn accident lawyer, particularly a personal injury attorney, can help when going against a team of lawyers hired by big auto insurance companies. The attorney knows the laws and procedural rules for personal injury claims and can adequately handle the legwork. If you need help in your accident case, consult the experts from

The lawyer acts as an advocate throughout the case. Insurance company attorneys know how to reduce compensation or deny a claim altogether. An accident attorney is the best option when a person suffers severe injuries, faces expensive medical bills, or experiences a significant loss of wages because of the injury.

Reasons to Consult an Attorney


Consider hiring an accident lawyer for any of the following situations.

  • Severe injuries
  • Permanently disabling or long-term injuries
  • Disputed liability
  • Refusal to pay

The severity of the personal injury is measured by the type of injury, the length of time to recover, and the cost of medical bills, including estimated future medical expenses. A long-term injury lasts for a year or more. Permanent injury disables a person for life.

This kind of injury seriously affects a person’s ability to be employed. The quality of life is also important. Proving permanently, disabling, and long-term injuries are sometimes tricky. A personal injury lawyer will likely consult all medical professionals a client has seen. The presence of a medical professional may be requested during legal proceedings.

When a policyholder’s insurance company disputes the liability of their client, in essence, they are saying the client is not at fault. At the very least, they are claiming there is not enough proof. An accident attorney helps the claimant provide evidence and shows the opposing party was at fault. No stone is left unturned in obtaining evidence of liability.

Refusal to pay is not the same thing as a disputed liability. In such a case, an insurance company refuses to make a settlement offer that is fair or any offer. An attorney will negotiate a settlement. Negotiating is a specific skill. A personal injury lawyer is better at settling accident cases than a layperson. You can click here for more information.

Who and When to Hire an Attorney


It is of importance to hire a personal injury lawyer and get the process going as soon as possible. There are possible situations such as statutes of limitations with which to contend. Not just any attorney will do.

The kinds of lawyers found at Aronberg, Aronberg & Green are examples of whom to trust. They possess the following qualities

  • Focused on personal injury
  • Have a good reputation
  • Dedicated to their cases
  • Provide a level of comfort

Not all lawyers have experience with personal injury cases. Choose an attorney or a firm that focuses on personal injury cases is always good. A firm like Aronberg, Aronberg, & Green could be a good reference to what you should seek in a firm. Nothing is more powerful to a reputation than word of mouth. Researching attorneys is as simple as hopping online, searching the attorneys’ names, and seeing what others have to say about them. So check out those reviews and good luck!

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