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Why are Online Video Surveys So Popular

Since mere production ceased to be enough to stand out among such competition, companies began to write and schedule questionnaires to know the opinions of their consumers. It is clear that to position a product or service, it is much better to know what people who pay or could pay for it think. For this, it is no longer necessary to go house by house or make annoying phone calls, since online surveys can be done comfortably and at a minimal cost.

The evolution of marketing and information technology in recent years forces companies to permanently research their market through various means and channels, such as email, web forms, landing pages, and so on. People are increasingly demanding when buying, but the chances of reaching them are also growing, with online surveys, it is possible to know for sure what measures work and which do not. Click here to find out more about it.

Benefits of doing online surveys


The benefits of internet surveys are countless; however, in this article, we will try to group them into four categories:


The first axis of advantages or benefits is related to the optimal management of the times, the speed of the shipment, the immediate reception, the obtaining of results without delay, and the comfort of the respondent to answer the questions when you have the necessary tranquility.

According to this website, unlike other traditional methods, this type of survey can reach a massive character, being transmitted simultaneously to thousands of people. As soon as the target audience or clients have shared their considerations in the questionnaire, they are poured into automatic tabs, so that there will be access to them quickly.

The survey has stopped being a slow procedure. For example, an email to thousands of users may take a maximum of a few seconds to send. The data that a respondent enters into a web form or landing page can also be processed and shipped in a short time.



The second axis of advantages or benefits has to do with reducing costs since for improving supply and meeting demands; it is not necessary to deploy a vast amount of human and technical resources to conduct visits or hold personalized conversations with Each of the respondents.

Unlike the highly complicated and expensive research of yesteryear, this automated research has, to some extent, been positioned in the market due to its low costs. With a minimum investment in communication and information technologies, it will be enough to undertake this trip towards your clients.

A conventional telephone survey requires a significant investment for training and resource management. The new electronic methods not only yield results in less time, but also reduce costs considerably, since the use of email, for example, is practically free, and with a small team of strategists in design and programming magic can be done.


Among the benefits of conducting online surveys, there is the possibility of optimizing the collection and analysis of the results to be able to implement useful derived actions, the methodological options that are added with this modality add value to the research.

By including interactive elements, you can broaden the spectrum to obtain a much more complete analysis, by giving the option of anonymity you can ensure the transparency of the answers and, by eliminating the intermediaries, the purity of the questionnaire and the responses is protected in some way in question.

It is better to seek a personalized, enjoyable, relevant, and immediate interaction that allows each respondent to be monitored through the digital automation facilities to familiarize yourself with the habits and peculiarities of consumers. With the efficiency of online surveys, you guarantee the accuracy of the data.


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The percentage of success of the company increases when the rate of conversions increases and internet surveys enable this growth, make research available to everyone, allowing them to reach difficult-to-reach targets and receive a higher number of responses.

The number of people who can participate in the questionnaire from their inbox or the different scenarios offered by the website is not comparable with the number of people who would be summoned in another way. Being able to optimize the cost-results and reach many more people is the star benefit.

Minimize waiting or execution times, save money, achieve a quick and stimulating survey, understand the level of satisfaction or expectations of respondents, detect specific areas of improvement, establish a corporate culture of customer satisfaction and provide them with a feeling Of belonging, everything is hugely beneficial. Still, the older brother of the benefits, when we talk about doing online surveys, is the fortune of being able to grow as a brand and reach a more select audience.

How to use social media surveys

To know which social media channels are most effective in reaching your market segment, first, you must see how that segment uses social networks. Do you already know where to find your target audience? Share market research, generation of potential customers, customer loyalty, and customer feedback surveys there.

Evaluation of social media channels


Do your customers use the Internet and social networks? In that case, which ones? Do you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, Google Plus, or all of them? How often do they participate in these communities, and for what purpose? What devices do they use to connect, and how likely are they to become consumers? A user of a mobile device will interact with your products very differently from someone who surfs the Internet primarily from their Mac or Windows computer. Use this information to develop a digital marketing strategy that includes the type of content that will circulate (videos, blog posts, images, infographics, instructions, among others), for how long to offer promotions and what key influencers to focus on.

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

As the number of fans or followers increases and you generate links

With customers on social networks, survey these communities to find out what they think about their experience with your company. Thank them for contributing their valuable opinions by offering incentives and loyalty rewards.

Community Commitment

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Use surveys and polls to make conversations more fun. People love to answer entertaining inquiries that give them perceptions about themselves; Use dating or love surveys to foster community interest and commitment, and generate more excellent responsiveness in members for your next idea, promotion or request.


Conducting online surveys is a great initiative that brings excellent value to any activity. Its benefits to meet user`s demands, tastes, or needs help to consolidate the foundations of any business or initiative.

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