What is FR Outwear?

As the name suggests, flame-resistant outwear points towards a clothing item that is designed and specially produced to protect the wearers from the high-intensity flames and thermal exposure.

When we further decompose the above-given definition, we can say that these outwears are designed to self-extinguish the fire. These FR clothes will not catch fire easily. If your FR clothing catches some fire, it will automatically extinguish itself.

What material is used for the FR outwears?

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Every FR clothing brand selects different fabrics according to their choices and preferences. There are a bunch of options available, and technically, no combination of material is always perfect. Each FR outwear has its own benefits and hazards according to the company’s needs and working environment.

The majority of the FR clothing are manufactured from fabrics that are a blend of several different materials. Some of the common fibers with inherent flame-resistant qualities are mentioned below.

These fibers are one of the best options available nowadays. Also, these are consistently used in the blend to form common fibres with inherent flame-resistant qualities.

It is one more type of fabric that possesses inherent flame-resistant qualities. It can form FR outwears on its own. It can also stand-alone or combined with other materials such as Kevlar.

The Kevlar fibers are pretty much flame-resistant, but certainly, possess many other additional properties such as high strength. With the help of Kevlar, we can manufacture the FR clothing and many other useful products.

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Advantages of FR outwear:

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The benefits of the FR clothing pieces are highly tremendous as it allows the workers to perform their given tasks in potentially hazardous locations with a significantly reduced risk of injury. However, every FR clothing does not guarantee to prevent any damage, all the time.

Moreover, the risk is obviously lesser with the FR outwear it would be if the worker was wearing everyday clothing. They never promise that it will never catch fire, but they ensure that it will catch fire extremely slowly and prevent the fire from spreading. These protect the wearer from injuries and severe damage. Generally, the FR pieces extinguish itself quickly.

 FR outwear as an Insect repellent:

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Anyone who works in outdoor situations where the frequency of insect bites is a concern must need to protect themselves from bites and various infectious diseases. You should use a safe, non-flammable, insect repellent which is made for use with FR outwears and it reduces the possibility of various diseases.

Is it really necessary to use FR outwears?

You need to understand with a stable mind that rules and regulations are for your safety, your friends’ safety and the company’s safety only. Under OSHA, it is compulsory to use FR outwear. It also acts as a quick insurance policy for the company for the event in which an accident does occur.

For how long does it last?

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It is very difficult to provide a straight away statement concerning the longevity of every single piece of FR outwear. The lifespan will be affected by a bunch of important factors such as the manufacturer, quality of the garment and the type of fabric used. Moreover, it also depends on how frequently you use the FR clothing.


Thus, the article provides a comprehensive idea of FR clothing and its implementation in various fields. I hope, it has given a clear concept about when and how to use FR outwear.

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