Common Wedding Flower Colors: Their Meaning And Symbolism Explained

Choosing the right wedding flowers can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. There are so many different types of flowers, styles, colors, and textures that could overwhelm anyone preparing for their big day. For starters, try to focus on color first.

Indeed, one of the most important things to consider when choosing wedding flowers is their color. Hues can make or break your wedding’s overall look, as the color palette should be uniform and complementary with everything in your wedding theme—not to mention the flowers should go well with your wedding gown and the decorations.

Meanings And Symbolism For Flower Colors

Colors don’t only add an exciting element to your wedding; they have different meanings as well. To help you decide on which color to choose for your flowers, here are some of the color meanings behind some popular flowers used for weddings:

1. Red Flowers


Red roses are symbolic of love, romance, beauty, and desire. Therefore, the meaning of red roses can be interpreted as being similar to ‘marital happiness.’ Red flowers can also be used to convey respect and desire between the marrying couple.

Red roses are among the most popular flowers used in bridal bouquets and decorations because they look elegant with the white bridal gown. If roses are too traditional for you, you can also choose other red flowers like tulips, poppies, and geraniums. There are tons of creamy red flowers you can find in many floral shops like Visit their website and similar ones to learn more.

2. White Flowers


White roses are most commonly used in arrangements and bouquets for Valentine’s Day and Christmas. They are often used in a romantic themed wedding as well. They are usually combined with other red roses and vibrant greens to match the occasion’s predominant colors.

The meaning of white roses has been connected with love and romance for centuries. They represent purity and innocence as well as a pure-hearted display of love for another. The white rose is also the most popular rose color symbolizing love.

3. Pink Flowers


Similar to red flowers, pink flowers are also used to convey love. They also represent happiness, gentleness, and femininity. Pink flowers can also represent innocence, sensitivity, and playfulness. Some brides prefer pink flowers because they’re not as intense as the red roses’ deep red color.

Roses come in pink colors and are commonly used in contrast to the strong red ones in a bridal bouquet. Popular pink flowers include lilies, azaleas, and carnation.

4. Blue Flowers


The soothing hues of blue flowers are very popular with winter weddings. Blue colors personify tranquility and peace. This is why many brides want to use this color for their decorations to give a relaxing vibe during the reception.

The rich deep blue colors of hydrangeas are one of the most popular options for wedding flowers. These hues offer serenity and a calming effect for anyone who looks at them. Blue colors also represent intimacy, which is a perfect message to portray during weddings.

5. Yellow and Orange Flowers


Orange and yellow represent joy and happiness. Bright colors like orange are also known to illustrate feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Some of the most popular orange flowers for weddings include marigolds and zinnias. Yellow, on the other hand, is primarily associated with happiness and joy.

Yellow and orange flowers are popularly used in summer or outdoor weddings to brighten the venue’s mood. They could also represent the playful personalities of the bride and groom. Some of the most popular yellow flowers used in weddings include roses, sunflowers, and daisies.

Popular Wedding Flower Colors Depending On Season


Are you still undecided after learning the meaning behind flower colors? You might want to consider choosing flower colors that resonate with your wedding season and theme. Here are some ideas:

  • For Fall Wedding

Fall wedding flowers are often considered to be very beautiful. These fall flowers offer bright, rich colors that can add sophistication and style to any wedding.

Typical fall colors for wedding flowers include rich browns, subdued yellows, deep reds, and stark oranges. If you live in an area where the leaves from the trees are colored orange, you can use those colors for your floral arrangements. Deep reds are flamboyant and can even be used as the base for centerpieces. A fall flower arrangement of deep red roses can look elegant and stylish for an outdoor wedding. However, it’s essential to make sure that your color combination will match the colors in your wedding gown.

  • For Winter Wedding

Winter wedding flowers’ bright and vibrant shades of blue are perfect for a winter wedding. You can use these flowers in a plethora of creative floral arrangements and bouquets. Blue flowers can also be used in bridal bouquets and centerpieces. If you decide to use them, do so wisely to keep the overall tone of the wedding party and wedding ceremony in mind.

  • For Spring Wedding

Spring is the perfect season for elegant, romantic arrangements in lighter tones. Soft pastel shades boast a sophisticated and feminine array of spring wedding flowers, including freesias, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, peonies, pink and white roses, petunias, and lilacs. Rambling bouquets of blue and yellow roses also look fresh and elegant.

  • Summer Wedding

Wearing vivid, vibrant colors like hot pink or bright orange, for instance, is a great way to add splashes of color to your summer wedding. Whether you prefer the bubbly style of sky blue and lime green or a more formal look with pale green and gold accents, the sky’s the limit for choosing an exciting summer color palette. If you’re unsure of what colors to pick or want to try something new, consider pairing lemon yellow and sky blue.

Final Thoughts

There are many brilliant ways to incorporate flower colors in your wedding. Using flowers is not only for the bridal bouquet. One of the creative things you can do for your wedding is to use flowers as decorations and centerpieces. You can choose more than one color to experiment with the look you want. Choose the right colors based on their suggested meanings, and your wedding season will make the celebration more magical.

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