6 Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Tank Tops

Although cotton, linen, and other natural materials are the most comfortable to wear and allow the skin to breathe, when it comes to training, other types of materials are chosen. Cotton T-shirts are quickly soaked with sweat, the T-shirt becomes heavy, and the skin is harder to perform respiration over a wet T-shirt. In addition, the feeling that the T-shirt is stuck with sweat next to the body is not at all pleasant.

T-shirts made of partial or 100% synthetic materials are recommended for physical strength training. These fabrics do not retain sweat on the skin. Polyester is light, does not absorb too much water, and all in all it is good for this purpose, with one complaint, it can be uncomfortable on the skin after long-wearing. For over 2 hours (not that we run 2x very often, but…) it can cause skin irritation, itching, and the like. But training doesn’t last long, does it?

Quality sportswear is an important factor of any training. Whether you are a recreational athlete or a professional athlete, sportswear has a purpose; in addition to protecting us, it gives us a sense of confidence, provides support and security, and can further motivate us to train. There are various brands of sports equipment and prices range in different ranges. There are also different models that are recommended for different sports, but also seasons. Most important of all, when choosing clothes for training, it should be comfortable and not interfere with your training. Of course, it is also desirable that it looks good on you. Who knows, maybe in the gym you will meet that cute guy who you have liked for a long time.

If you are considering whether to buy a tank top, here are a few things that could help you make a decision.

Body movement


Many physical activities require a greater range of physical movements. The last thing you need is that your clothes are holding you back, especially if you are a beginner. Clothing should follow the body line, but not be too tight. Too tight clothing could prevent you from performing the movements properly.

Does not cause irritation


We know that the skin under the armpits is especially sensitive, especially if it is freshly shaved. If you train in a T-shirt with sleeves, during training and moving the hands there is a friction of the skin with the T-shirt, which in combination with sweat can lead to itching and burning of this area. With tank tops you will not have to think about this, because the skin can breathe freely.

Sweating under the arms


Even when you are training and when it is natural to sweat, most people, especially women, feel uncomfortable when the T-shirt darkens from sweat under the armpits. With sleeveless shirts, you won’t have to worry about that. Even if there is sweat, it will be much less visible than on T-shirts.


The clothes we exercise effect our self-confidence. The better we feel in the clothes we exercise, the higher our self-confidence will be. We will be more motivated for more complex workouts, and the whole exercise experience will get a new, more positive meaning. FIRM ABS tank tops advice you to find clothes that will be of a pleasant material, but which will also emphasize your figure in the closest way. Stay fashionable even in training.

It is comfortable to wear


The tank top is very comfortable to wear. They have a modern style and good airiness. A modern, narrow cut with a slightly raised neckline protects the body and provides complete mobility.

If these t-shirts have any flaws or there is a reason why they should not be worn, read below.

Neat armpit


Is there a more embarrassing situation than that you came to training in a sleeveless shirt, started doing the upper part of the training, and noticed that people were looking at you strangely? Yes, you forgot to wax the underarm area. We can say that this is the biggest drawback of tank tops (if adherence to hygiene) can be considered a drawback.

How to choose the right clothes for my training?


You can run to the store, to the gas station or to the post office in anything, but if your legs run a few tens of kilometers a week, then it is very important what you will be wearing. Every recreational athlete should know that the clothes in which he trains are very important. In short, all running fans want to have a T-shirt that looks good, has excellent performance and material quality, is comfortable, sewn so that the seams do not irritate the skin, perfectly ventilates, and at the same time protects us from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Sounds like we’re looking for a super t-shirt! We are not about to invest such shirts, it exists!

As for the lower part of the training clothes, it is important that it is comfortable and stretchy, especially when it comes to leggings. You must also take care that the material is of good quality and strong and that there will be no cracking of the seams when performing certain exercises. Of course, it is also desirable that they are not transparent, so avoid cotton and other light materials.

When we talk about sneakers, their choice also depends on the activity you will be engaged in. For example, walking shoes need firmer sneakers, while running shoes need to be more flexible. For running, it is important that the sneakers have good cushioning that will protect the feet and knees during training. On the other hand, flatter sneakers are desirable for lifting weights, because lifting heavy weights requires stability.

Final thoughts

Many feel that training equipment is not something they need to invest a lot of money into. On the one hand, that’s true, you don’t need to put hundreds or thousands of dollars into it just because it’s manufactured by a world-renowned sports brand, but know that it’s better to have two good exercise kits than countless solid ones.

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