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6 Different Types Of Dental Implant Procedures in 2024

Dental implants are increasingly popular lately and more and more people choose this option when their teeth start losing quality and cannot be saved. The material they are made of is pure titanium. They are nicely made that they fit the jaw perfectly and imitate the natural teeth. It is the perfect solution for a lost tooth not only because of the esthetics but also because of the functionality. In order to lead quality lives we need to be healthy.

When our natural teeth stop giving us the functionality we need, it is time to find the proper replacement. Dental implants are the ideal solution. However, there is no universal solution. Instead, there are several types of dental implants that doctors choose from according to the specific condition that the patient is in.

  1. Endosteal implants

This type of implants is used in most cases. The only requirement is that the patient’s jaw must be healthy to be able to withstand the implant. Before they are inserted, they look like screws. They are placed into the jaw and then after that the false tooth is placed on it. The recovery time is relatively short which is great for patients. When the wound is healed the false tooth can be placed. It is a great solution, but some people find it pretty hard to have an implant inserted into their jaw. This is why there is also the option of having the next type of implant.

  1. Subperiosteal Implant

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This is usually the next suggestion of the dentist when the patient is not ready to have anything inserted into the jawbone but needs a solution. This type of implant gets placed under the gum, but on top of the bone. The reason it gets fixed in place is the metal frame that needs to be located under the gum. During healing, the gum starts healing around that metal frame and holds it in place. The false tooth is then placed on top of it. This is the ideal procedure for the people who don’t have sufficient jawbone and if the patient is not ready to go through the extensive procedures such as bone graft.

  1. Zygomatic Implant

This is the implant that is the rarest choice of dentists because it is very complicated. It is done in cases when the patient doesn’t have enough jawbone. The implant is then placed into the cheekbone. As you can imagine, this is not a simple thing to do. Which one will be chosen for you depends on many factors and each one should be carefully considered.

  1. Bone Augmentation

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This is the procedure done when the dentist comes to the conclusion that your jaw is not strong enough to carry the implant. This term refers to the procedures that involve grafting the material similar to the bone or the bone from the other parts of the body to the jaw. This procedure is done in a relatively short time, but there is a waiting period after it when you need to wait for the material to get fused into the bone. It is usually done by using local anesthesia. The patients need to take antibiotic therapy after, possibly avoid certain food and use the antibacterial mouthwash. The implants can be placed 4-9 months after the procedure is done.

  1. Ridge Expansion

In cases when the jaw doesn’t have the width necessary for the implants, this procedure must be done. Ridge bone surrounds and supports the teeth. When the natural tooth gets removed, it immediately starts to deteriorate, leaving the bone in such a state after that it cannot support the implant. This deterioration occurs in 2 ways. The first way refers to the horizontal width loss, while the second one refers to the vertical height of the bone. Both of these ways significantly impact the possibility of inserting the implant. The ridge expansion procedure refers to the process when the ridge bone is separated which then gets filled with the bone graft.

  1. 3D Imaging

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The 3D technology has made an enormous difference in the way that the dental work is done because it enables the dentist to get a realistic image of the work that needs to be done. It is far more efficient and precise than older technology. It enables the dentist to see every detail and find the best solution. The plans are far better when there is a realistic image and finding the best solution is a lot easier. The most important thing is that dental implants can be correctly placed with the help of 3D imaging.

If you would like to find out more about the best solution for you specifically, check out Orion Dental for more information. Toronto Dental Implants are the choice of many satisfied patients who had issues with their teeth and managed to resolve their issues with the right approach. The best thing is to schedule an appointment with your dentist at Springdale Dental Centre and discuss the concerns you have, as well as the possible issues and the goals you would like to achieve. A thorough approach is crucial for finding the best solution. You will need to go through a checkup so that the doctor can determine the condition of your teeth and the jaw.

The solution can be complex, but it will be created with your best interest in mind. Each patient is different, so there is no universal solution that can be applied to everyone in general. This is why it is necessary to listen to what experts have to say and simply focus on finding the best solution that you will be satisfied with. Each person should have a beautiful smile that he or she will be happy with. It is the ultimate sign of beauty. We all naturally turn to beautiful people and seeing beautiful teeth is a standard that we all strive to achieve. With new technologies, nothing is impossible. Dental implants have given us the opportunity to be proud of our smile!

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